Fun with BIG Data with various databases

A session at Dutch PHP Conference 2013

  • David Ennis

Friday 7th June, 2013

3:45pm to 4:30pm (AMT)

Exploring some of the possibilities of how to handle big data in PHP. The idea is to get people to stop thinking about different ways to tackle big data. Get the most out of PHP by sing it less, but using it smartly - let the database do what its even better at - handle data.

Big Data in 2 forms
- Big as in lots of rows in a table
- Big data as in complicated datasetsSamples in 3 technologies
- Use a fulltext table
- then use fulltext queries to isolate candidates for xpath functions to further analyze.
- Step away from Relational DB and have a look at the same data imported into MongoDB and why this might be better.
- Can't decide between relational and document-oriented? Lets look at the Akiban server and see how this might help.

How to access each DB above
- pros and consSmart use of PHP
- No queries inside of loops when possible. Re-write as joins or subqueries or even run your loop to build a much more efficient query at the end outside of the loop.
- Hybrid data manipulation
- do some queries and dance around your data with array_key_intersect and lots of arrays that are references.
Special consideration in MySQLViews/merge tables/partitioning to get to your data faster.

All results at once? No WayExplore ways to get to your data without taking the server down A Big Flat File is OK sometimes- a shard-based approach for looking through your data if its not in a database.

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David Ennis

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Time 3:45pm4:30pm AMT

Date Fri 7th June 2013

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