Economist Technology Frontiers 2013

Transform your work, your life, your world.

5 6 March 2013

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Over 250 senior business leaders will once again be joined by Tom Standage to help foresee how advancements in technology may affect businesses operating environment, customers, competitors and business models.

34 speakers

  • Adrian Hon @adrianhon Co-founder, Six to Start
  • Tom Standage @tomstandage Digital Editor, The Economist
  • Will Self @wself Novelist and Journalist
  • Tim Hubbard @timjph Board of Management representative for Bioinformatics, Sanger Institute, The Wellcome Trust
  • Eben Upton @EbenUpton Founder, Trustee and Executive Director, Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • AC Grayling @acgrayling Founder and Master, The New College of the Humanities
  • Tom Chatfield @TomChatfield Author and Commentator
  • Tim Harford @TimHarford Economist and Journalist, Undercover Economist
  • Niall Murphy @nialltweet Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Evrythng
  • Matt Webb @genmon Co-founder and CEO, BERG
  • Werner Vogels @Werner Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.com
  • Naveen Jain @Naveen_Jain_CEO Chief Executive Officer; Chairman, Executive Committee, Inome
  • Jaron Lanier Computer Scientist, Composer, Visual Artist and Author, Technology changes us as human beings
  • Vinay Gupta Co-founder, Whipcar
  • Tom Wright Co-founder, Whipcar
  • Anthony Dunne Head of the Interactions Department, Royal College of Art and Design
  • Carlota Perez Professor of Technology and Development, Technological University of Tallinn, Estonia
  • David Spiegelhalter @undunc Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk, University of Cambridge
  • Julian Savulescu @juliansavulescu Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics, Director of The Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
  • Mark Bedau Editor-in-Chief, Professor, Philosophy and Humanities; Adjunct Professor, Systems Science, Artificial Life; Reed College; Portland State University
  • Nick Bostrom Professor, Faculty of Philosophy and Oxford Martin School; Director, Future of Humanity Institute; Director, Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology
  • Richard Seymour @Seymourpowell Co-founder and Design Director, Seymourpowell
  • Carsten Bruhn Executive Vice President, Ricoh Europe
  • Harper Reed @harper Technology Engineer, Innovator and Entrepreneur

Park Plaza Victoria

England England / London

239 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1EQ

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28 known attendees

  • Thomas Salmon
  • Adrian Hon
  • Tom Standage
  • Will Self
  • Tim Hubbard
  • Eben Upton
  • AC Grayling
  • Tom Chatfield
  • Tim Harford
  • Niall Murphy
  • Matt Webb
  • Werner Vogels
  • Naveen Jain
  • Vinay Gupta
  • Tom Wright
  • Anthony Dunne
  • David Spiegelhalter
  • Julian Savulescu
  • Seymourpowell
  • Carsten Bruhn
  • Harper
  • Michael Bove
  • Robert Lane Greene
  • Guruduth Banavar
  • Vivek Kundra
  • Chris Anderson
  • Rob Coneybeer
  • Saul Klein

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  • Nico Macdonald
  • Pablo Mantel
  • Richard Lucas
  • Darren G
  • Marcello Merlo
  • Thomas Vander Wal
  • Infodesign UK
  • Kevin Marks
  • Sarah Turner
  • Jim Holt
  • Hannah Kops
  • James Stewart
  • Berislav Lopac
  • Victor Szilagyi
  • Simon Whatley
  • Ben Giles
  • katiaweb
  • Sameer Padania
  • Andrew C R Westoby

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