Roy Osherove's Elastic, Agile, Adapative Leadership Workshop schedule


  • Elastic, Agile, Adapative Leadership Workshop

    In this 2 day course, 30% of the time is dedicated to exercises. we will cover: The three basic stages of team abilities (chaos, learning, self organization), elastic leadership concepts, the team leader manifesto and reasoning, influence forces and understanding why people do what they do, how to grow your team to be self organizing, and why most team's are not really ready to become agile yet (and what to do about it), how to deal with difficult behavior in the team. Also, we will cover how to lead self organizing teams, comparing elastic leadership with the cynefin framework and other frameworks.

    Audience: Architects, Technical and non technical team leaders, scrum masters, soon-to-be leaders, project managers, senior developers, consultants. No experience in management needed, but at least one year experience working/leading in a software team.