Escape from /dev/null Poland

Fantasy scenario board-game programming competition / developer game

14 September 2013 from 9am to 8pm

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First /dev/null developer game in Poland! Whoo-oop!

What is Escape from /dev/null?

TL;DR: Escape from /dev/null is a combination of a web-based multi-user board game, a programming competition and a science fiction or fantasy story (depending on scenario). Yes it is :)
Food and drinks will be served throughout the day and there’s ample rumors of googly prizes to win in various parts of the game.

Choice of technologies: Java, C++, JavaScript, Python
Theme of all challenges: Dungeons of /dev/null
Prizes: TBD

Registration: Open

You can come as a singleton (and either choose to be assigned to a curated team or go by yourself) or as a team of up to three developers.
All team members must register as a person (but the same team name).

It is _-*very*-_ much encouraged to have team that have at least one good front-end developer and one strong back-end developer. Just saying.

Most challenges in the game will involve accessing a web-based API served via HTTPS but with a self-signed certificate, which will involve a non-standard configuration of your choice of accessing information through HTTPS.

Many challenges will also involve UI programming for various kinds of static and dynamic data representation and interaction.

A web-based solution can be a good idea, but it is also possible to use a classical, monolithic approach, if your skill set lies more in that direction.

You will need to bring your own laptop with your own coding environment
set up.

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