FP Days 2013

The UK event for the Functional Programming Community

24 25 October 2013

FP Days is the UK event for the Functional Programming community.

The event brings together the best speakers on a variety of functional programming languages and topics for 2 days of intense, practical learning.

We are very happy to announce Philip Wadler, Bodil Stokke, Sam Aaron & Robert Virding as conference keynotes.

If you want to find out what's happening with Functional Programming in industry then this is the conference to be at - all of our speakers and many of our participants are already using FP in their day jobs or attempting to grow their organisation's use of FP.

Tickets are released in batches and increase in price as the event approaches.

Track the event here on Lanyrd or follow @FPDays to keep up to date with event news and updates.

22 speakers

  • Stephen Channell Independent software developerspecialising in multithreaded system and Functional Programming integration with C++ libraries
  • Tom Ellis Haskell developer at Purely Agile
  • Loïc Denuzière @Tarmil_ Demoscene and functional programming lover. Developer at IntelliFactory, working on WebSharper and fpish.net.
  • Adam Granicz @granicz IntelliFactory CEO, 3x F# Book Author, WebSharper guru
  • Joseph Wilk @josephwilk Problem solver and speaker. Helping shape the future of sound @ SoundCloud.com
  • Brian Rowe
  • Irek Jozwiak Owner at Humane Software

20 sessions

Day 1 Thursday 24th October 2013

Day 2 Friday 25th October 2013

32 known attendees

  • Martyn Loughran
  • Ryan Haney
  • Mark Godfrey
  • Maris Orbidans
  • Cara Hanman
  • Mark Dalgarno
  • Jacqui Davidson
  • Christian Lavoie
  • HackTheTower
  • UK event for FP
  • Arwyn Roberts
  • Bodil Stokke
  • Emilie Smith
  • Philip Wadler
  • Robert Virding
  • Sam Aaron
  • Pierluigi Riti
  • Chandru Mullaparthi
  • Omer Kilic
  • Ryan Greenhall
  • Jon Neale
  • Thomas G. Kristensen
  • Ragnar Dahlén
  • Matthew Moloney
  • Amir Chaudhry
  • Erik Hesselink
  • Sebastiaan Visser
  • Tom Ellis
  • Loïc Denuzière
  • Adam Granicz
  • Joseph Wilk
  • Brian Rowe

80 people tracking this event

  • Chad Scherrer
  • Umberto Raimondi
  • Daniel Kirsch
  • dann
  • Henrik Sjöstrand
  • (life
  • Robin Taylor
  • Tobias Adam
  • Phil Rodgers
  • David Y. Kay
  • Gábor Vészi
  • Comte Anthony Eden
  • Kushal Pisavadia
  • Richard Dallaway
  • Adrian Silva
  • Brent Hargrave
  • Lynn Grogan
  • Tero Parviainen
  • Tim Ruffles
  • dotemacs
  • fpletz
  • Aleksander Sumowski
  • Ulrik Sandberg
  • Zsolt Dollenstein
  • Josh Vera
  • Skills Matter
  • Andrey Taranov
  • Sam Giles
  • Phillip Trelford
  • Ray Miller
  • Erik Bakstad
  • Stig-Erland Hansen
  • Fabian Neumann
  • Greg Knapp
  • David Illsley
  • Stanislas H. W. RUSINSKY
  • Pierluigi Riti
  • George Leontiev
  • Michael Mazour

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