Sessions at FP Days 2013 about Embedded on Friday 25th October

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  • Functional Embedded Programming on the Raspberry Pi (with Erlang)

    by Omer Kilic

    This hands-on session will introduce how to do embedded programming using the Erlang/ALE framework created by Erlang Solutions.

    Erlang/ALE is an Actor Library for Embedded for the Erlang programming language targeted initially for the Raspberry Pi. It provides access to the various embedded interfaces (such as GPIO, I2C, SPI, etc) exposed on the Raspberry Pi from Erlang in a way that sits well with the Erlang and functional programming idioms.

    Erlang's support for concurrency and functional programming is very well suited for modern embedded systems that consist of many internal and external peripherals (such as sensors and actuators). After this session you will want to learnyousomeerlang.com so that you can do interesting embedded projects with Erlang/ALE.

    Most of the session is focused on using Erlang/ALE to do hands-on exercises with a custom extension board for the Raspberry Pi but a brief overview of the embedded ecosystem and what it entails to do embedded programming on devices such as the Raspberry Pi will also be presented.

    This is a hands-on session. Please note: To participate in this session you will have to bring a laptop that has an ethernet port. We will provide you with a Raspberry Pi and the extension board for the duration of the session. The extension board is available as open source hardware, so you can build one yourself at home.

    There will be a break for lunch part-way through the session.

    At 10:45am to 2:45pm, Friday 25th October

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