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Ramesh Bajgain

Trekking And Tours operator at Nepal Holiday Treks And Tours Pvt. Ltd

Mihai Cîrlănaru

Technology enthusiast, Cambridge CS graduate, Mozillian, ex-@State, building awesome sports tech at @Hudl bio from Twitter

Dan Callahan

Free Culture / Free Software believer, cave diver, typography nerd. Mozillian.

Marc Roberts

Principal and Co-Founder of Neutron Creations Ltd

Ben Barnett

Technimolologist in London. bio from Twitter

Ruth John

UX, design, code... Writing, talking, mentoring... Unicorn Trainer | Fox Herder | TheLab Worker | Crocheter [my tweets are my own]

Peter Mellett

Full-stack web developer living in Cornwall. Still too fat to surf well.

Alena Ruprecht

Vagabond, sailor, developer @Brandwatch. Loves sleeping on strangers couches.

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Andrew Grieve

Mobile web developer at Google Waterloo

Addy Osmani

Engineering manager working on Chrome and Web at Google. Creator of Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. Passionate about web tooling.

Sam Dutton

Developer Advocate for Google. Grew up in rural South Australia, went to university in Sydney, lived in London, England since 1986.

Wills Bithrey

Senior Front End Developer, Gamer, AVGeek, Tech Lover. Potato - http://p.ota.to bio from Twitter

Ben Darlow


Matt Bate

Web Developer bio from LinkedIn

Abid Din

Senior Web Developer at @AKQA • Likes to play with new/emerging technologies • Lover of Apple products • Obsessive Compulsive • Controversial views are my own bio from Twitter

Luke Murphy-Wearmouth

Antipodean creative, sitting somewhere between design, development and digital PR. Co-founder of Wax & Stamp and DJ/promoter at Early Doors Disco

Paul Slugocki

Project Director at TourCMS bio from LinkedIn

Phil Nash

Developer evangelist for Twilio and Google Developer Expert. I write JavaScript, Ruby and Swift. Probably listening to ska punk right now. console.log('🍻');

Andrew Phillipo

Web. bio from Twitter

supersole ㋛

Devevangineer at Mozilla. Building real time audio+graphics experiments with JavaScript; breaking half the browsers in the process. It's fun!

Andrew Hayward

General busy-body at Etsy.

Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant


Makes websites. Rides Bikes. Developer on @GOVUK.

Rob Taylor

JavaScript | HTML | CSS | Movies - A massive geek and Senior Web Developer at @Amazon, working on Amazon Mobile.

Andy Hume

Engineering at Brandwatch. Formerly Twitter, Guardian, Clearleft, Microsoft, Multimap.

matijs brinkhuis

Dutch freelance frontend web developer living in Brighton. @FronteersConf '13 organiser. Markup hipster, boulderer, coffee enthusiast and foodie.

Daniel Harris

Film & video technology lecturer. Videographer. @AOTV_ director. bio from Twitter

Danny Croft

Software Engineer made in Wales but working in London bio from Twitter

Finnur Sverrisson

A creative caracter that loves marketing, online as well as offline and thinks that Superman is the most super of the heroes. bio from Twitter

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