Ghost in the Shell — Information Architecture in the Postdigital World

A session at IA Summit 2013

Saturday 6th April, 2013

11:15am to 12:00pm (EST)

“Un esprit nouveau souffle aujourd’hui”: there exists a new spirit.

Some fifteen years ago, in 1998, Peter Morville & Lou Rosenfeld could argue that the Web was the unifying factor for many different technologies and wildly diverse types of content. We cannot anymore.

In 2013, the Web is but one piece of a larger mechanism: our focus has moved away from the single artifact to consider the ecology, this complex, distributed, postdigital information-based beast.

Constantly reshaped and reconnected over an arbitrary number of different interacting channels by an ever increasing amount of actors, ecologies force us out of the Web, a “simpler” world where the lenses provided by library science or graphic design seemed to be enough. Not anymore.

Information has gone mobile and has bled into physical space, but mobile itself is not the revolution, it is an enabler. The revolution is in what constant access to dynamically remediated information is allowing us to do, in how it allows the digital to seep into physical space, in how it turns receivers into writers constantly weaving new subjective narratives.

There exists a new spirit. It is the spirit of a different order, bringing not unity but multiplicity and complexity; bridging our many disembodied self, connecting people, places, objects through ever-changing semantics that defy or enhance physical proximity; transforming information spaces into durable architectures; ultimately reshaping reality, and producing a new need for context, place and meaning.

This talk will address the question of what is the nature of information architecture today, of how it provides a way to reestablish meaning in the light of a changing social, cultural, and necessarily embodied context, and of how this reframes the conversation from the design of information spaces to the creation of architectures of information.

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Andrea Resmini

information architect, professor, researcher, compulsive reader, pensive writer, piano player, husband & dad. Author of Pervasive IA. President, IAI.

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Time 11:15am12:00pm EST

Date Sat 6th April 2013


Harborside Ballroom C, Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

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  • Pervasive Information Architecture

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