Web Governance: Where Strategy Meets Structure

A session at IA Summit 2013

Saturday 6th April, 2013

1:30pm to 3:00pm (EST)

Websites are no longer an experiment. They are mission-critical interfaces to business, government, health, and education. And, they’re not just channels for marketing and communication. Increasingly, websites are places where work gets done. This is great news for information architects, provided that we’re willing to engage with executives in conversations at the crossroads of strategy and structure.

In this interactive session, we’ll examine why it makes less and less sense to design sitemaps and wireframes without also restructuring business processes, incentives, and the org chart. We’ll explain how to build a web governance framework that includes roles, responsibilities, rules, and standards for organizational development. We’ll share case studies that illustrate best practices. And, we’ll explore what all this means for the design of service ecosystems and the cross-channel user experience.

These problems will not be solved easily. We still need our boxes and arrows, but we must also manage people and politics. It’s hard work but work that must be done. We’ve spent 20 years on the low-hanging fruit. It’s time to reach a little higher.

About the speakers

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Peter Morville

Information Architect

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Lisa Welchman

Helping organizations sort out very big, very messed up websites and web teams since 1999. Jazz. Meditation. Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design bio from Twitter

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Time 1:30pm3:00pm EST

Date Sat 6th April 2013

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  • The Internet Searcher's Handbook
  • Search Patterns
  • Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

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