Designing for Failure: How Creating Negative Personas and Failed User Journeys Make a Better Website

A session at IA Summit 2013

Sunday 7th April, 2013

12:10pm to 12:30pm (EST)

As part of planning an online experience we often create personas of happy users taking successful journeys through the site.

But what about the users we don’t expect (or maybe don’t even want)? How do we prepare for visitors who are looking for something but don’t find it? Should we continue to cater only for our primary audiences? Can we afford to ignore the expectations of apparently unimportant audiences if that means disappointment, frustration and negative brand perception, and could lead to a site becoming a platform for complaints?

I believe that we can no longer ignore these other users. Come to this session if you’re looking for a twist to your UX tool kit. We’ll be looking at examples of sites that do cater for the unexpected, and I’ll be suggesting simple approaches to creating negative personas and failed user journeys.

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Annie Drynan

MA History student at the Open University

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Time 12:10pm12:30pm EST

Date Sun 7th April 2013


Harborside Ballroom B, Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

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