International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS 2013) schedule

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Monday 10th June 2013

  • [TUT] Approximation Algorithms for Planning Under Uncertainty

    by Andrey Kolobov

    On Monday 10th June

  • [TUT] MAXSAT for Planning Researchers

    by Fahiem Bacchus

    On Monday 10th June

  • [TUT] Model Checking of Hybrid Systems via Satisfiability Modulo Theories

    by Alessandro Cimatti

    On Monday 10th June

  • [TUT] Planning in Hybrid Domains

    by Maria Fox and Daniele Magazzeni

    Background and State of the Art. Hybrid systems are systems with both continuous control variables and discrete logical modes. Many interesting real problems are indeed hybrid, including logistics planning, mission planning for autonomous vehicles, oil refinery management, supply management and disaster recovery. In these domains there are temporal, spatial and continuous constraints, and planning techniques capable of reasoning with suitably rich models are required. This motivates both increases in the modelling power to capture these constraints and extensions to classical approaches to planning to enable efficient management of such complex problems. This tutorial provides an introduction to modelling and solving planning problems in hybrid domains.

    Recent Advances and New Challenges. This tutorial presents new benchmark problems motivating the need for modelling more realistic domains, and presents recent advances in the interaction between planning and robot control systems, aiming to generate sensible plans for real world situations. The tutorial ends with a discussion on current challenges and open problems in planning with hybrid domains.

    On Monday 10th June

  • [TUT] Temporal planning and temporal networks

    by Andrew Coles and Luke Hunsberger

    On Monday 10th June

  • [WS] HSDIP

    On Monday 10th June

  • [WS] KEPS

    On Monday 10th June

  • [WS] Planning in Games

    On Monday 10th June

  • [WS] PlanRob

    On Monday 10th June

Tuesday 11th June 2013

  • [TUT] Engineering a Heuristic Search Planner

    by Gabriele Röger and Malte Helmert

    On Tuesday 11th June

  • [TUT] Planning for Symbiotic-Autonomous Robots

    by Manuela Veloso

    The creation of intelligent autonomous robots has been the research focus on many AI researchers. An autonomous robot perceives its environment, selects actions to achieve its goals based on the perceived state of the environment, and then executes the selected actions. This overall cycle is clearly of great relevance to the planning research community.

    Symbiotic-autonomous robots are intelligent robots that are capable of complementing their perceptual, reasoning, and actuation capabilities by resourcing to external sources, such as humans, the web, and other artifacts. The robots further learn from their symbiotic interactions with the goal of improving their future tasks.

    In this tutorial, I will introduce the core planning challenges for such symbiotic-autonomous robots, and present effective solutions for the underlying task-based planning, execution, and learning. The tutorial will be based on the concrete experience with our CoBot service mobile robots, which move in our multi-floor building performing a variety of pick and delivery tasks. The CoBot robots plan for their navigation and their interaction with humans and with the web. They have moved in our buildings for more than 200km.

    On Tuesday 11th June

  • [TUT] Programming by Optimisation

    by Holger H. Hoos

    On Tuesday 11th June


    On Tuesday 11th June

  • [WS] DMAP

    On Tuesday 11th June

  • [WS] EVOPS

    On Tuesday 11th June

  • [WS] PAL

    On Tuesday 11th June

  • [WS] Planning in Continuous Domains

    On Tuesday 11th June

  • [WS] SPARK

    On Tuesday 11th June

Wednesday 12th June 2013

Thursday 13th June 2013

Friday 14th June 2013

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