Industry Web Design & Development Conference schedule

Tuesday 23rd April 2013

  • HTML5 Workshop

    Tickets for this workshop are separate of a conference ticket, you can purchase a workshop ticket

    Taking place on the 23rd April 2013 you can join John Allsopp for a full day workshop.

    HTML5 is much more than a bunch of new semantic markup. In this full day workshop, John Allsopp takes you beyond the header and footer, to focus on some of the powerful, but surprisingly easy to use, features of the next generation of HTML (and related W3C technologies): UI features, offline capabilities, rich media, geolocation, accelerometers, and many more hidden gems.

    John will also focus on important universal access issues like backwards compatibility, accessibility, device and browser support, to ensure your sites and apps work across the widest range of devices for as many people as possible.


    This workshop is for anyone who is ready to start building apps using web technologies. The core focus is the features of HTML5, particularly DOM APIs, and what they enable, not JavaScript. So, if you are comfortable with CSS and HTML, you will be fine with this workshop.

    However, we will cover aspects of the DOM, and there’ll be a little bit of JavaScript involved, but there’s no need to be a Ninja!


    Just bring a laptop and the tools you use every day to work with HTML/CSS/JavaScript!


    *In this in-depth hands on workshop, you’ll learn about and put into practice the key aspects you need to know about to start building apps with web technologies.

    *New form elements, attributes and APIs for creating rich HTML5 application interfaces.
    Features of HTML5 that allow applications and sites to still be usable when the user is offline, and to store data during a session, and between sessions.

    *Learn how to include audio and video to be played natively in the browser, with fallbacks for older browsers.

    *The ability to know where the user is, whether they’re using a mobile or desktop device can greatly improve the experiences we can create. Learn how you can locate and track your users using the W3C geolocation standard.

    Accessing the accelerometer and gyroscope on a device, HTML5 and related W3C technologies are increasingly providing the sorts of goodies we’ve had to rely on jQuery, other JavaScript libraries, and plug-ins like Flash to provide. We’ll also be covering some of the well supported W3 standards that are making developers’ lives easier, and enabling new, standards based user experiences.

    At 9:00am to 5:00pm, Tuesday 23rd April

    In The CastleGate

  • Windows 8 Workshop

    by Andrew Spooner

    Tickets for this workshop are separate from a conference ticket, you can purchase a workshop ticket here.

    If you’re a web developer, Windows 8 presents a new opportunity. You can use your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills to create native applications for the latest version of the world’s biggest operating system.

    This day long workshop run by Microsoft Evangelist Andrew Spooner will introduce you to the new Windows 8 operating system and the design and UX patterns that exist in Windows Store apps. The day is split into 2 parts. The morning will give you an overview of the Modern UI, explaining the new Windows experience and explaining the design principles that manifest themselves in this new style of application, brought to life using live examples. You will also get a brief introduction to the development environment so you can understand how to download and run sample applications. The afternoon will build upon the essential idea for an app and guide you through the process of turning it into a Windows Store application that will truly shine in the Windows Store.


    This is a non-technical workshop aimed at visual designers and UX designers. Developers who are looking to build a better application experience will also learn a great deal from this workshop.


    Bring paper and pencils for taking notes. Sketch pads will be supplied for the afternoon wire framing exercise and you will be given digital copies of the content at the end of the day. If you can bring a Windows 8 machine (either a PC or a Mac) you can drive yourself through some of the theory in the morning but that is not essential, Andrew will bring Windows 8 touch devices available to share round the room.


    You will learn how to approach application design for Windows 8, what the unique experiences that a user of Windows 8 expects from an application and how you should approach some of the unique features of Windows 8 and bring them to life within your app. You will get an overview of the technical structure of a Windows Store HTML application and the tools that are used to create these applications.

    If you work in a design or UX capacity or if you work on mobile or PC applications, this is the ideal opportunity to become familiar with Windows Store applications and prepare to port over your existing applications or start building applications for your clients.

    At 9:00am to 5:00pm, Tuesday 23rd April

    In The CastleGate

Wednesday 24th April 2013