Joy Of Coding

Joy of Coding is a one-day conference that celebrates the art, craft, science but foremost the joy of software development

1 March 2013 from 8:30am to 5pm

Joy Of Coding is a conference for coders.

Some people in software development have a passion for a particular language or technology. Others have a strong interest in the development process and improvement. That is all fine. There are even specific conferences that target these groups. Some of them are very good.

And then some of us are in it for the coding experience. For the intrinsic reward of crafting the best possible solutions to difficult problems. For these people, we organise the Joy of Coding.

Joy of Coding will be a day where you can talk and collaborate with like-minded coders. The conference is not targeted towards a particular language or platform: any software developer who wants to learn, share and improve is invited. There will be some talks and a lot of workshops and discussions.

16 speakers

11 sessions


Netherlands Netherlands / Rotterdam

Maashaven Zuidzijde 1–2, 3081 AE

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33 known attendees

  • Emil Loer
  • Sandro Mancuso
  • Martin
  • Paolo Perrotta
  • Paul Seiffert
  • Arjen Poutsma
  • Freek Leemhuis
  • ☞ Michel Rijnders
  • Felienne Hermans
  • Marc Lainez
  • Michael Feathers
  • Herr Fauler
  • Koos Rompestomper
  • Robin Roestenburg
  • Jeroen Reijn
  • Jonathan Perret
  • Anna Goś
  • JoyOfCoding
  • R. Schellhorn
  • Jacques Bouman
  • Ewout Lap
  • Arne Timmerman
  • Robert van Rijn
  • Johan Martinsson
  • Rémy Sanlaville
  • Marc Evers
  • Emmanuel Gaillot
  • Kees de Kooter
  • Jim Webber
  • Willem van den Ende
  • Matthijs Ooms
  • Tijs
  • Jeroen Rosenberg

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38 people tracking this event

  • Jasper Rijkeboer 
  • Chris Parsons
  • Kerry Buckley
  • david potocnik
  • Sander Aarts
  • Umberto Raimondi
  • Adewale Oshineye
  • curious_corn
  • Johannes Thönes
  • Astro
  • Maximilian Haack
  • Timon Vonk
  • Charlie Sanders
  • Noppanit (Toy)
  • Nasir Jamal
  • Tim Anglade
  • Syd Lawrence
  • Francis DB
  • Johnny Winn
  • Steve Tooke
  • Christopher Meiklejohn
  • Natalia Ossipova
  • Katelin Hatfield
  • Pedro Fidalgo Machado
  • Jelmer Borst
  • Jeej
  • 5 E Gallery
  • francisco lucas
  • Thijs Janssen
  • Steve McKinney
  • Marcel Harkema
  • Kurt Häusler
  • Rody Middelkoop
  • Chris Clarke
  • J &C Pelinescu
  • Insights
  • Mike Elsmore
  • Stephan

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