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14 15 January 2013

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JS.geo is a conference all about Geospatial Javascript, and is intended to be a gathering of those who are either actively hacking on JavaScript for geo or deeply interested in learning more. Client-side, server-side, or both it's all good! This is not a marketing show and there will be no booths or salespeople (unless they can also code). Come ready to learn, code, and contribute.

In the end, this meeting is about getting all the JS GEO people in one space and watching what emerges. We, of course, think the world will come out a better place because of it!

Where: CU Denver, North Classroom Room 1535

When: Jan 14th and 15th 2012

Style: Conference, Semi-Unconference, and Sprint/Hack (see below)

Day 1: The first day will be a blend of styles. We've planned a half day of structured, scheduled talks by the minds behind libraries like Leaflet, Modestmaps, Openlayers and from companies like Esri, Google and OpenGeo. These talks will be advanced talks on specific ideas, concepts, and innovations from some of the most brilliant people in the industry. The second half of the day will give EVERYONE a chance to talk. We'll be doing a free-form semi-unconference where anyone and everyone will be encouraged to stand and give a demo style talk, pose a question, or just take the floor and talk about what interests them.

Day 2: A code sprint. We'll be posting up for a second day of maps and javascript at a local office space in Denver. We wont really have a plan going into this day until we see what happens the first day. We HOPE that day 1 inspires several people to get together and explore some the ideas and code that were talked about the first day.

6 speakers

Coverage of JS.geo

3 sessions

Day 1 Monday 14th January 2013

Day 2 Tuesday 15th January 2013

44 known attendees

  • Andrew Serff
  • (((TheSteve0)))
  • Aaron Ogle
  • Chris Hogan
  • Will White
  • Andrew Turner
  • Seth Fitzsimmons
  • Chris Helm
  • Luke
  • Peter Batty
  • Brendan Kenny
  • Silas Toms
  • Bill Dollins
  • chris a
  • Brett Lord-Castillo
  • Matt Priour
  • Dale Kunce
  • Dave Bouwman
  • tschaub
  • Alfred Sawatzky
  • John Krueger
  • Steve
  • Laura Steadman
  • Randy George
  • Brian Timoney
  • bnoyle
  • BrendansWeather
  • Kevin Stofan
  • Justin Lewis
  • Michael Tafel
  • Matt Sidor
  • Stephen Guerin
  • Matt Brown
  • Andy E.
  • K. Arthur Endsley
  • Scooter Wadsworth
  • Jerel Unruh
  • Scott Reynen
  • Andrei Taraschuk
  • Brent Hamby

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  • Ravi Gadhia
  • RdbHost
  • Sam Larsen
  • Nagib Tharani
  • Brian Lewis
  • Saurabh Kulkarni
  • Charlie Sanders
  • new aunts
  • Jarrod Skulavik
  • Kyle Drake
  • Tiffany B. Brown
  • Raja Rao DV
  • Andy Piper
  • Jesse Cravens
  • Tom Wayson
  • Sean de Basti (Sebastian H.)
  • Nick Martinelli
  • Marco Montanari
  • Rich Gibson
  • Andrew Panjic
  • Allan Glen
  • Sean Myers
  • Rafael Gomes
  • gaurav
  • Paul Angelino
  • Adrian Kropp
  • Alan Garcia
  • Christian Spanring
  • mikebroberg
  • Chris Hethrington
  • GWHAT!
  • shaman_sir
  • Alex Miller
  • Lance Roggendorff

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