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Kristján Ingi

Loves to code. Developer at Ylgur ehf. (@ylgurehf). bio from Twitter

Tim Griesser

Javascripter, creator of Bookshelf.js & Knex.js

Dan Miller

Software engineer @windmill_eng. Formerly @getupserve, @Etsy, @marist. Trumpet player. Explorer of the world and subcultures. bio from Twitter

Luke Wilkins

Husband, Father, Programmer. PHP developer at Vector Media Group in NYC. Laravel enthusiast. bio from Twitter

Benjamin Gonzalez

I'm a web developer, a businessman, an astronomer, a swimmer, a guitarist, a husband, a father, and I am a Mormon. bio from Twitter

Bill S Kenney

Partner / Art Director @focuslabllc

Mathias Hansen

Working at @EngageDC - developing @GetTrendsetter, @FourbellApp among other cool stuff. Also lead developer at @Citizinvestor and founder of @HvadHarAabentnu. bio from Twitter

Ned Fenstermacher

Web developer. Problem Solver. Movie buff. Sports fan. Golfer. Archer. Geek. bio from Twitter

scott burlington

When he was six he believed that the moon overhead followed him, by nine he had deciphered the illusion trading magic for fact.No tradebacks.

Chris Borgia

public servant, communicator, coder, mtn-biker, traveler and gazer (into LCD screens and saltwater aquariums).

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Eric Barnes

Developer at UserScape, CodeIgniter Reactor dev, wanna be golfer, husband, and father of 2 wonderful girls

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Aaron Kuzemchak

Standard Nerd

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Zack Kitzmiller

Bots don’t rely on luck; they rely on science—computer science.

Dan Horrigan

Senior Engineer at @kapture. I write the awesome. bio from Twitter

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Kevin King

Web Developer bio from Twitter

Tony Dew

Dew. Like the wet stuff on the grass in the morning. bio from Twitter

This conference is like my Twitter feed in real life! Every single one of the speakers has taught me something, and I can't wait to learn more.

Con Rệp

I (Chi Tran) am a software developer,designer, and start-up entrepreneur living in Viet Nam. bio from Twitter

Adam Jackett

Shifting focus from developing client websites to web applications. bio from Twitter

Dan Syme

ecommerce web development and design, comrade of sci fi, husband and father to precious beings. bio from Twitter

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Kenny Meyers
Lori Berkowitz

Baltimore web developer

Jerel Unruh

PyroCMS core developer. HTML5, PHP, Node.js, Linux, and whatever other open source software looks like a hammer for my current nail bio from Twitter

Ian Landsman

Founder of UserScape. Creators of http://www.helpspot.com and http://www.besnappy.com bio from Twitter

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Jonathan Barronville
Jesse O'Brien

PHP, Github, Gaming, Music, and Philosophy. bio from Twitter

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