LAST Conference 2013

Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking. For Practitioners, by Practitioners.

2 August 2013 from 8am to 5:15pm

LAST Conference Melbourne is a one day, low cost, grassroots mini-conference for Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking practitioners. The schedule emphasises participation and interaction via workshops and activities, rather than death by projector.

We liken the schedule to that of a film festival; there's so much going on, that you can't possibly see everything that you want to, but the sessions that you do go to are so great that it doesn't matter. Our aim is that by the time you get to the end of event drinks, you will be tired, yet buzzing with inspiration.

The emphasis is on:

…sharing of practical skills
…real world experiences of lean and agile adoption
…the latest in systems thinking practice
…gaining inspiration from your fellow practitioners

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