Sessions at LeanUX NYC on Friday 12th April

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  • Conversation, Cadence and Culture, Recipes to Inspire Creative Teams

    by Lane Halley and Courtney Hemphill

    Our favorite projects are those where we feel our voices are heard, we have productive communication with our teammates, and we see our best work come to life in front of real users. Do you feel the same way? Join us for a hands-on session where we will share the key elements we’ve discovered to achieve this dynamic.

    Through their work at Carbon Five, Lane (designer) and Courtney (developer) have identified practical ways to support the conversations, cadence (work cycles) and culture necessaryto produce successful products with fully-engaged teams.

    What you will learn:

    Stimulate necessary conversations between designers and developers,
    Advance with a shared vision, and
    Maintain a culture of invested teams throughout the lifecycle of the product

    We’ll give you our favorite recipes for blending lean design activities with agile planning, estimation and hypothesis-based milestone creation. You will leave with templates for activities you can run with your teams and knowledge of how to work in a continuous cycle that includes: hypotheses creation, design,
    planning, development, deployment and validation

    At 3:00pm to 5:30pm, Friday 12th April

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