LeWeb London 2013

Digital "Hippies": Create a New Sharing Ecomomy

5 6 June 2013

"Hippies" in this context does not mean the anti-war flower children of the 1960’s. But rather a new group of fearless entrepreneurs whose willingness to challenge convention is leading to leaps of imagination.They question the status quo and genuinely want a better society. Apple's Steve Jobs and Virgin's Richard Branson are examples of those who began business as Digital "Hippies". Their approach was revolutionary, some would even say anarchic.

Peace, Tech & Love:
Today's Digital "Hippies" share many of the core ideological views as the 1960's movement while focusing on creating products and startups that they believe can change the world for the better.

Digital "Hippies" are creating a sharing economy -- one that includes creations like Wikipedia, Airbnb and Lyft -- without a focus on exchanging cash.

LeWeb London will explore the concept of Digital "Hippies" creating a global sharing marketplace from all of these angles. Checking out the hot technologies at the heart of it and as always, hearing industry visionaries take on the concept.

79 speakers

  • Anthony Gallippi Co-Founder & CEO, BitPay
  • Lisa Gansky @instigating Chief Instigator, Mesh Labs
  • Joe Gebbia @jgebbia Co-Founder, Airbnb
  • Tomio Geron @tomiogeron Staff Reporter, Forbes
  • Cédric Giorgi @cgiorgi Co-Founder & CEO, Cookening
  • Chris Guillebeau @chrisguillebeau Writer, Entrepreneur and Traveler
  • Nick Halstead @nik Founder & CTO, DataSift Inc.
  • Larry Harvey Founder, Burning Man & , Executive Director, Black Rock City, LLC

48 sessions

Day 1 Wednesday 5th June 2013

Day 2 Thursday 6th June 2013

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  • Sergei Golubev
  • James Parton
  • Christopher Salmanpour
  • Andrew Fogg
  • Andrea Trasatti
  • latinosnmixss
  • Remus Toma
  • Bernie J Mitchell
  • Giovanni Casinelli
  • Chris Murphy
  • Denis Bulichenko
  • Luciana Carvalho Se
  • Alex Barreto
  • Daniel Appelquist
  • Euro Maestro
  • vladimiro mazzotti
  • Dale Weedman
  • Loic Le Meur
  • Rachel
  • Marc Barto
  • Jeremiah Owyang
  • Michael Arrington
  • John Perry Barlow
  • John Battelle
  • Zachary Bell
  • Matt Brittin
  • nbrusson

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