Middle East MBS Alumni Group - Kickoff event speakers

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Martin Hughes

Management consultant

Carranmore management consulting services provide an authentic, critical voice. We act as a filter to create an informed pattern of decisions that allow you to decide what to change and arrive at your desired state.

The ability to predict is the ability to control – if you have high confidence that you know what will happen in the future, you can control how to react and make use of the information.

Via a range of coaching services to fit all of your career development needs, Carranmore will help you to determine and achieve your personal goals, in parallel with your professional targets. We give your team the opportunities to grow into the talents that they truly are.

When your business takes you beyond your traditional boundaries, Carranmore’s company formation division will facilitate and support your entry into new markets for both your business and your people.
Provider of strategic direction and tactical management to support corporate objectives, mediation between commercial and infrastructural constraints, implementation of planned change throughout organisations, with quantifiable benefits and service improvements with minimal business impact.

Delivering departmental leadership and operational excellence from integrated operations and support functions, maximising financial competencies and identifying value add opportunities at multiple levels, able to be agile and nimble.