Mind and Life Europe Symposium for Contemplative Studies

Personal and Societal Change from the Contemplative Perspective

10 13 October 2013

18 speakers

  • Elena Antonova Ph.D., Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London
  • Michel Bitbol Ph.D., Directeur de Recherche at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, in Paris, France
  • Natalie Dépraz Ph.D., Professor of Germain and Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Rouen, University Member of the Husserl-Archives (ENS/CNRS), Paris
  • Lone Overby Fjorback MD, PhD, leading clinical consultant at the Research Clinic for Functional Disorders and Psychosomatics, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Rupert Gethin Ph.D., Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol
  • Felicia Huppert Ph.D., Professor emerita of psychology, founding Director of the Well-being Institute at the University of Cambridge
  • Walter Osika Ph.D., Researcher at the Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University and the Dept. of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Solna
  • Claire Petitmengin Professor at the Institut Mines-Télécom, associate researcher at the Archives Husserl, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
  • Matthieu Ricard Ph.D., Buddhist monk at Shechen Monastery in Nepal
  • Andreas Roepstorff Professor Cognition, Communication and Culture at the Department of Culture and Society & Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University
  • Otto Scharmer Ph.D., Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Founding chair of the Presencing Institute
  • Tania Singer Ph.D., Director of the Department for Social Neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig
  • Wolf Singer MD., Ph.D., Director emeritus at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt and founding director of the Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI)
  • Ilina Singh Ph. D., Professor of Science, Ethics & Society in the Department for Social Science, Health and Medicine at King’s College London
  • Dennis J. Snower President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. Professor of Economics at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel
  • Martijn van Beek Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Institute of Culture and Society at Aarhus University
  • Mark Williams Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford
  • Arthur Zajonc President Mind and Life Institute, emeritus Professor of Physics at Amherst College

10 sessions

Day 1 Thursday 10th October 2013

Day 2 Friday 11th October 2013

Day 3 Saturday 12th October 2013

Day 4 Sunday 13th October 2013

1 known attendee

  • Markus Habegger

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