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  • Making the Web Work on Mobile

    by ronan cremin and Paddy O'Reilly

    With the explosion of new types of connected devices, there is a whole new challenge for companies to deliver the right experience across a huge range of devices.

    Is it possible to magically create content that suits all devices and use cases automatically? This is not possible with any other medium, why should the web be different?

    Ronan will present the results of several original pieces of research pointing to a weight problem on the mobile web, and what strategies major web players employ to make the web work on all devices and platforms. Questions Ronan will answer:

    • How do all big online brands adapt their websites to work on different devices?
    • What specific technology approaches are used to accomplish this?
    • Case Studies of leading web companies who adapt content according to device type: Google, Netflix, Amazon - a look at what goes on behind the scenes
    • What is the best way to deliver different experiences to different classes of devices?

    At 9:00am to 9:55am, Friday 20th September

    In Felix Meritis

  • Give Responsive Design a Mobile Performance Boost

    by Jon Arne S.

    Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a giant leap in the right direction for web on mobile devices. However, RWD is just a small, part of the big picture. What we really want is for the whole value chain to be responsive, not only in the browser.

    There are a vast number of frameworks and tools on the webs for implementing RWD. Most of these provide a great starting point for mobile ventures. However, there are not so many tools out the to help you with the rest of the value chain. Especially tools that are easy to use and provide a relatively small footprint for front end developers.

    This talk will explore possibilities you get when you combine the best practices from the client side, with best practices from the server side. Sometimes this technique is called RESS, or Adaptive Design. The talk will contain coding, code samples and best practices based on popular frameworks and tools for Adaptive Design that combines client side and server side techniques. Results, effects and gains in terms of performance will also be documented and exemplified.

    The audience will gain insights into how their next project can perform even better in mobile devices and smart ways to reduce data traffic, increase speed and be more future friendly by utilizing the server for heavy-lifting.

    At 10:00am to 10:55am, Friday 20th September

    In Felix Meritis

  • The Mysterious World of Code Compression

    by Shea Frederick

    We all know about code compression (please say you do). We run our code through some tool like Closure Compiler or YUI Compressor and it comes out the other end a garbled pile of junk that works the same as it did uncompressed - or does it?

    I'll explore what some of the most popular code compressors do behind the scenes to compress and optimize your code, exploiting quirks in the javascript language and modifying your code to make it run faster.

    At 11:00am to 11:55am, Friday 20th September

    In Felix Meritis

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  • Building Custom Phonegap Plugins for iOS

    by Jay Garcia

    In this talk, Jay Garcia will discuss how to construct custom Phonegap Plugins for iOS, allowing you to bridge mobile HTML5 applications with native features. You'll learn the basics of how to extend base Phonegap classes and expose them via JavaScript APIs.

    At 12:00pm to 12:55pm, Friday 20th September

    In Felix Meritis

  • Has Anyone Asked a Customer?

    by Dan Armstrong

    The hype surrounding mobile remote payments and mobile proximity payments relies on apps, standards, and consumer electronics standards – as well as a whole ecosystem of retailers, public transportation, banks/card schemes and consumers. Why is this taking off so slowly? Why are we in year 8 of contactless payment trials with mobile phones?

    This Lighting Talk will focus on lessons learned in online, mobile and contactless payments since launch of these technologies in 2004, and where some of the industries involved might be missing the boat in ignoring what consumers really want.

    At 2:30pm to 2:55pm, Friday 20th September

    In Felix Meritis

  • 5 New Rules for Software Product Development

    by sheridap

    There's no argument that high performing software teams work differently that the current status quo. Modus CEO Patrick Sheridan will explain the five core tenants of high performing software teams and how product and technology leads are leveraging these game changing concepts to create high impact outcomes.

    At 3:00pm to 3:25pm, Friday 20th September

    In Felix Meritis

  • Practices and Obstacles in Agile Development

    by Thorsten Suckow-Homberg

    The Manifesto for Agile Software Development has been around for over a decade now. With popular practices - such as Scrum - agile development is meant to replace traditional software development approaches, and yet it fails often due to short sightings from both organizational and personal point of views.

    This session will give a brief introduction to the history and principles of agile software development, present practices for the development process itself - namely tools and designs - and list common pitfalls and obstacles when it comes to introducing Agile Development to your company and how to overcome them.

    This session's target audience are developers, team leaders and project managers wanting to get a glimpse of agile development or refreshing and extending their knowledge. Terms such as "Scrum", "sprint", "backlog", "user stories" and the like should already be familiar to a certain degree.

    At 3:30pm to 3:55pm, Friday 20th September

    In Felix Meritis

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  • Agile UXD for Global Audiences

    by foamcube

    This session will be highlighting how McAfee designs and develops in an agile environment for our global customers and partners. It will highlight the details on McAfee's process of cross-device design, user-testing and global implementation for our products and services. This session will also detail how McAfee is much more than a virus scan.

    At 4:00pm to 4:25pm, Friday 20th September

    In Felix Meritis

    Coverage slide deck

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