ngMelb June

Show & Tell

19 June 2013 from 6pm to 9pm

This month, we're going to have a part-hack/part-presentation event. Bring laptops and enthusiasm.

If you've got some AngularJS code you're proud of, or a technique you'd like to talk about, there'll be time for several people to plug in to the projector and take us through some real code.

Of course, if you have some code that was painful to write and want to know if there's a more 'Angular-y way' to do it, that's a good topic for a discussion, too.

Depending on numbers, and how long the talks take, we can order pizza in or head to a nearby pub for food.

20 known attendees

  • Glen Maddern 😎
  • bguiz
  • Mark Dalgleish
  • Sir Josh of White
  • Sebastian Porto
  • Michael Pearson
  • Mark Wolfe
  • David Hauser
  • Paul Tagell
  • Virginia Murdoch
  • Alan Harper
  • Michael Taranto
  • Kent McNeill
  • Jacob Haslehurst
  • Alex Tworowsky
  • Charlie Gleason
  • Bulkan Savun Evcimen
  • Alex Smith
  • Brad Barrow
  • Max

7 people tracking this event

  • Jim Lyndon
  • aniallatingInterwebs
  • Nick Josevski
  • Steve Miller
  • BAS (basarat)
  • John Sherwood
  • Adam Neumann

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