A session at [CANCELLED]Udi Dahan's Enterprise Development with NServiceBus

Module 1: One-Way Messaging Basics

Routing with the unicast bus
Handling messages and polymorphic dispatch
Durable and express messaging

Module 2: Advanced One-Way Messaging

Fault tolerance and transactional processing (updated for 3.0)
Error queues and administrative message replay
Authorization, impersonation, and auditing
Convention over configuration (new in 3.0)

Module 3: Customized Messaging

Unit of work management and infrastructure extension (updated for 3.0)
Dependency injection and profiles
Unit testing
Web app and custom hosting
Web service integration and idempotence
Customized and centralized configuration (updated for 3.0)

Module 4: Full Duplex Basics

Callbacks and message handlers
Purging queues and discarding messages
Exposing REST, WCF, and web services (updated for 3.0)

Module 5: Advanced Full Duplex

Web cache priming
Business logic decomposition with multi-type responses
Improved ASP.NET threading with web callbacks
Crossing geographically distributed sites

Module 6: Distributed Systems Architecture Fundamentals


Module 7: Publish/Subscribe

Publishing messages
Automatic and manual subscriptions
Subscription storage - built-in, extension, and profiles

Module 8: Administration and Monitoring

Queue and service naming & installation (updated for 3.0)
Monitoring in queue-based systems
Virtualization and MSMQ configuration
Performance counters & WMI
Business Activity Monitoring

Module 9: Scaling-out and Multi-Site Messaging

Message-driven load balancing for scaling out
Master and worker profiles and configuration (updated for 3.0)
HTTP and other cross-site communication (updated for 3.0)

Module 10: Long-running business processes

Durably managing time-bound processes (updated for 3.0)
Event correlation and business activity monitoring
Process flow for integration with legacy and 3rd party systems
Unit testing

Module 11: Group Exercise

Combines SOA services, CQRS collaborative domains, and sagas for long-running processes

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Jimmy Bogard

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