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Tuesday 27th August 2013

  • Online Mentoring System

    Overview : A company's greatest wealth is in the expertise and knowledge of its employees. This employee university, if you will, has answers and solutions to many of the issues a company faces but how do you access this?

    Social learning platforms are helping to open up this treasure trove to increase employee performance and customer satisfaction. Anytime Mentoring is an online mentoring system that provides the freedom for any employee to find a mentor in any area at anytime. This webinar will demonstrate this platform.

    Why should you attend : Anyone interested in the latest developments in mentoring and technology.

    Areas Covered in the Session
    What is anytime mentoring?
    When is anytime mentoring most appropriate?
    How does anytime mentoring differ from more formal or informal programs?
    What are the components of a mentoring social learning platform?
    How does one implement such a program?

    Who Will Benefit:
    Training Manager
    HR Directors
    Diversity Managers

    Rene D. Petrin : After spending years in human resources and discovering that most companies weren't doing an adequate job developing their number one asset-employees-Rene D. Petrin had a mission: to create an organization devoted solely to teaching businesses how to mentor talent.

    Price: $145.00
    Russel Stuart
    Phone: 1800-385-1627
    Fax: 302-288-6884
    E-Mail: webinars@trainhr.com

    At 10:00am to 11:00am, Tuesday 27th August