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Graham Smith

IT and internet lawyer. RTs and links are not endorsements. All views my own. No tweets are legal advice. bio from Twitter

David E

I am a free man. When not working for http://code.red ( For Floor 13 progress see http://agriculture-and-fisheries.tumblr.com/ ) bio from Twitter

Jenny Blacker

Knitter, housewife, geek, poly, bi, owned by cats. Kinda sweary. Very chatty. I also make stuff as @JennyWrenCreate bio from Twitter

Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant

Alex Stapleton

Gauche. Chaotic good. I do things. @makinglyst. Computers. Free software. Enough crypto to be dangerous. Full communism. How can I help you? bio from Twitter

Ben Weiner

Designer; no longer active on Twitter I’m afraid. bio from Twitter

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Emily Goodhand

Here to provide information and awareness about general copyright issues - feel free to ask me questions! bio from Twitter

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Jeni Tennison

CEO ODI, OCP, Ada, ODBG, CSVW, exW3C TAG, exODUG, OSB, LOD, PSI, XML, XSLT, XProc, EXSLT, LMNL, DTLL, OBE, mum, geek bio from Twitter

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Tom Loosemore

Deputy Director at the Government Digital Service. Views expressed here are my own and do not represent my employer. Expect the occasional small sailing dinghy. bio from Twitter

Alex Forey

Getting excited and making things since 1997. Photo/Film/Web/Design/Ruby/Rock Climbing/Tech Theatre/IOT/Awesome Founded @markpond_ @shwiing and @thefortrus. bio from Twitter

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Richard King

Geek, metal-head, climber, drummer, analyst, ORG supporters-council member. Not necessarily in that order.

Dave Beynon

Global Head of Digital at Compassion in World Farming by day. Likes: talking turkey, shooting the breeze. Dislikes: shooting turkey, talking debris. bio from Twitter

Mark Levitt

Various geeky interests bio from Twitter

Ben Webb

Software developer and Co-founder at Open Data Services (@opendatacoop).

Ashley Burton

Head of Product at @eckoh making #customerservice better and #payments more secure & convenient. Also love #photography, #hamradio (M0TNC) bio from Twitter

Owen Blacker

Mainly-gay, mainly-Welsh political geek, proud European and proud social justice warrior. @mySociety, @OpenRightsGroup, Wikipedian. Header photo by @ScottJoyce bio from Twitter


runs @opentechUK, interested in tech, engagement, climate, sustainability, and other misc troublemakings.

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Eric King

'Anti-lawful interception zealot blogger' — Tatiana Lucas, ISS World bio from Twitter

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David Allen Green

Journalist. Legal correspondent of @NewStatesman, and blogger at @TheLawyerMag and Jack of Kent. NUJ member. bio from Twitter

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Jim Killock

Executive Director, @OpenRightsGroup bio from Twitter

Laura James

Engineering new technologies to help people. Generalist, gets stuff done. @doteveryoneuk, @Cambridge_CL, @tech_we_trust. Ex-@fldrdy,@cammakespace, @OKFN &more bio from Twitter


Security Technology, Mobile, Linux and open source, and dabbling in 3D printing and Hackspaces.

Marc Barto

Co-organiser London Mini Maker Faire, runs makers events & open source groups like @LondonArduino, @springofcode & @NotJustArduino, #CivicTech & #OpenData

Ian Dowson

Thinker Writer Planner Implementer Believer about business and society change can happen the 99% can prevail

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Simon Phipps

Software freedom advocate, blogger, entrepreneur. OSI President, IDG author, keynote speaker.

Zoe Nolan

Software engineering type working in the @skype division of @microsoft

This person is involved with this event.
Open Rights Group

The Open Rights Group exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age. We are funded by individuals who care about their digital rights.

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John Perry Barlow

I co-founded EFF, wrote songs for the Dead, ranched in Wyoming for 17 years. A weird father, a good friend, and an excellent ex. bio from Twitter

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