Programming Is Debugging, So Debug Better

A session at Open Source Bridge 2013

Thursday 20th June, 2013

1:30pm to 2:15pm (PST)

Have you ever:
* Spent hours staring at the same block of code, trying to work out where the bug was, only to realise that it's actually somewhere else?
* Littered your code with print statements, trying to locate a bug, then deleted them all, then put them back in for another bug later?
* Checked in those print statements accidentally?
* Been told that IDEs are for wimps, but secretly wondered what the attraction is?
* Looked at your language's debugging tools, wistfully thought about memorising the obscure commands they need, then gone back to print statements?
* Wondered if all the debugging means that you're not a good coder after all?

Stop wondering. All code has bugs, and all coders fall victim to them. You can't predict what kind of bugs you'll get, but you can arm yourself against their mischief. Even better, with the right coding strategies in mind, you can avoid many of them entirely.

We'll be looking at:
* Why bugs happen, even to the best of us
* Software engineering strategies for preventing and containing bug damage
* How to dive into the unknown when diagnosing problems
* Modern heresies that'll make you more productive
* What to look for when choosing languages and frameworks
* The many tools you can use that'll turn debugging time into pony-riding time
* Whether and how to write your own debugging tools, and the nifty things you can do
* Maybe a little more about ponies

The languages I'll be targetting with my custom tools are Ruby and Javascript, but the techniques apply to all languages.

You can code amazing things. Don't let the bugs drag you down!

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Yoz Grahame

Join me: @yoz@mastodon.social. A small yoz-type object. Work @18F but views are mine. Passive Londoner, active San Franciscan. He/him/oh. Header: @BrianGlick. bio from Twitter

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Time 1:30pm2:15pm PST

Date Thu 20th June 2013

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