Over the Air 2013 speakers

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Adam Cohen-Rose

Lego Mindstorms Blackbelt

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Adewale Oshineye

Developer Advocate at Google

Ade is a Developer Advocate at Google. He'd love to show you how social protocols, technologies and features can make your products better. He's also the co-author of Apprenticeship Patterns.

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Alastair Moore

Senior Manager Accelerator Programmes at University College London bio from LinkedIn

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Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

IoT Maven

I'm an interaction designer, product designer & entrepreneur based in London. I have been focusing on consumer-facing internet of things products & services since 2005.

I am the founder of the Good Night Lamp, a family of internet-connected lamps.

I run designswarm, an internet of things design practice & consultancy and work with clients who want to design next generation connected products & help advise early stage smart products businesses.

I am co-founder of Internet of People, an agency for internet-of-things consultants.

I was co-founder and CEO of Tinker London, a smart product design studio. Focused on creating connected product experiences that linked the digital to the physical, Tinker was the first distributor of the Arduino platform in the UK, ran workshops around the world and offered design and consultancy services to clients like BBC, BT, EDF and others.

I help Xively run the London Internet of Things meetup, I am a mentor at Bethnal Green Ventures, and I used to co-curate This Happened London.

My work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the Victoria & Albert Museum, multiple tradeshows like the London Design Festival & Milan Furniture Fair.

I've received press coverage on television, print, radio and online.

I do a lot of public speaking around the internet of things, the maker movement, open source hardware & making and innovation & education in the 21st century.

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Andrew Nesbitt

Nodecopter Wrangler

Andrew is a passionate full stack developer. He spends most of his days programming in Ruby, playing with Node.js, contributing to open source projects and organising local developer user groups. He also aspires to one day take over the world with a fleet of JavaScript powered quadcopters.

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Andy Wigley

Technical Evangelist for Microsoft UK

Andy Wigley works as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft UK, working to support the developer community to create mobile apps on Microsoft platforms. He joined Microsoft in 2012, and before that was a prominent member of the mobile app developers’ community and was proud to be awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 10 consecutive years. Andy is well-known for the popular Windows Phone JumpStart videos which are available on http://channel9.msdn.com. He has written a number of books for developers published by Microsoft Press and is a regular speaker at major conferences such as Tech Ed.

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Ben MacGowan

Co-Founder of Breaking Borders, Lead UI Engineer for Creative Jar

Ben MacGowan is the Lead UI Engineer for Creative Jar, a Reading-based digital agency. Not only does Ben strive to bring user interfaces to life, but he also lives, breathes, eats and evangelises cutting edge front-end technologies. Starting off his career whilst still at secondary school and now with many years experience, Ben has done everything from large multi-lingual email campaigns to highly interactive, responsive user interfaces and is responsible for the standards and front-end direction of his agency. Ben is also a co-founder of Breaking Borders, a free bi-monthly event for web designers and developers in Berkshire. Whilst some people's addiction is to smoke or drink, Ben's is to tweet - sometimes to the annoyance of his colleagues.

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Ben Ward

Founder of Love Hz

Ben Ward is founder of Love Hz, promoting the use of white space spectrum for open innovation in the Internet of Things. A survivor of the dotcom bubble, subsea bandwidth glut and the UK broadband wars, he's still surprisingly optimistic about the future.

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Brian Fuchs

Co-Founder and CTO at The Mobile Collective bio from LinkedIn

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Bryan Rieger

design, devices and distractions... EDI, LHR, BKK bio from Twitter

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Caz Mockett
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Cheng Luo | 罗成

Product Manager - Enterprise @ Samsung, Author of Tizen for Dummies, An Introduction to bada, Professional Tizen Application Development

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Chris Buckett

Google Developer Expert

Chris Buckett is a Technical Manager at Entity Group, providing consulting and solutions for enterprise data problems. As a Java and .net developer, Chris built rich web clients using GWT, until he discovered Dart's power and simplicity. Chris believes in using the best tool for the job, and Dart is a great tool for building web applications for modern browsers. He is the author of Dart in Action, a "Google Developer Expert" in Dart, and runs the DartWatch blog.

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Chris Sinjakli

Building software from organic, hand-picked, artisanal keypresses.

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A nationwide, after-school, coding club for children aged 10-11. @hyper_linda and @ClareSutcliffe at the helm bio from Twitter

Code club workshop for kids aged 9-11 to be run on Saturday morning. More details soon.

  • Code Club, Sat 28th September 10:30am to 1:30pm
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Craig Heath

Independent Information Security Consultant

Craig has worked in computer security for more years than he cares to remember (let's just say more than 20!) He specialised in operating systems security and mobile device security, and now offers independent consultancy in these and other areas. In recent years he has been interested in what today's security professionals can learn from the great work that was done at Bletchley Park, and has given presentations on this topic on several occasions.

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Cristiano Betta

Hacker Advocate for PayPal

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Daniel Appelquist

US expat…London cyclist…digital parent…open web advocate…@w3ctag co-chair…@overtheair co-founder…@odihq startup ambassador-at-large…serial instigator

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Daniel Gallo

Sales Engineer @Sencha bio from Twitter

Dan has over 8 years experience developing innovative web-based applications using a variety of technologies, and specialises in ASP.NET C# and JavaScript. He established the South-West England Sencha Meetup Group in 2011, to help bring the developer community together in the region.

In early 2012, Dan joined Sencha as one of their Sales Engineers in Europe, where he provides pre-sales technical assistance regarding the Sencha product line.

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Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant

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David Cuartielles

Co-Founder of Arduino

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Dom Hodgson

Technology bod @kerboo, Amateur Comedian, Tortoise Owner and Trendsetter - Hadley Beeman bio from Twitter

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Francisco Jordano

Telefónica Digital

Francisco Jordano has been creating stuff with software since he was a teenager, and that's officially 15 years ago. He mainly focuses on mobile technologies and he found the web a space where he's quite comfortable. That mixed with the fact that he's in love with open source philosophy, working in the Firefox OS project is the perfect combination and makes him a happy geek. Perhaps because of his declared love for the Web, he really enjoys trying different technologies.

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Gary Readfern-Gray

Accessibility Specialist - Developer at RNIB

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Ian Barber

Developer Advocate at Google

Ian Barber works as a Developer Advocate for Google+, and is based in Google’s London office, where he helps developers make best use of the Google+ platform. Ian is a regular conference speaker, and occasional blogger at http://riskcompletefailure.com and http://phpir.com, and wrote a short ebook on messaging. Among various open source interests, Ian is the author of the PHP Support Vector Machine extension and a contributor to the brokerless messaging library ZeroMQ.

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Ian Thain

Mobile Evangelist, Developer Relations, SAP. iOS Developer and iPhone/iPad pundit. Some views are mine alone. http://about.me/ithain

I have worked in the Mobile area for over 7 years as a Mobile Evangelist. I am now in the Developer Relations Team at SAP. Also an iOS and iPhone/iPad pundit. Also host of SAP CodeTalk.

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James Rosewell

Founder of 51Degrees.mobi

James Rosewell is the founder of UK based 51Degrees.mobi providing real time device detection for over 850,000 web sites around the world. The open source platform he created operates at over 5,000,000 detections per second, 99.9% accuracy and contains over 32,000 device combinations. Prior to starting 51Degrees.mobi James spent 10 years running major mobile programmes for Vodafone, plus founded and sold a mobile marketing business. He’s passionate about delivering great user experiences cost effectively to the many and varied devices now connecting to the web.

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James Smith

The Open Data Institute

A web developer passionate about using web technology to make a better future for everyone, James has particular interests in sustainability, transparency, and using the web for social good. He spent a few years as lead developer and platform evangelist at AMEE, along the way creating the world's first natural language carbon calculator. He is currently a developer at the Open Data Institute, bringing the benefits of open data to all, as well as a volunteer organiser for Cleanweb UK, a community group that inspires and helps developers to build web applications that deal with sustainability issues.

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Jason Neylon

Software developer at uSwitch, co-organiser of @CleanwebUK.

Jason is a software developer at uSwitch. He's passionate about environmental issues, and is a member of Brixton Energy and co-organiser of Cleanweb UK.

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John Arne Sæterås

Co-Founder, Head of Product at Mobiletech

John Arne is a mobile guy. He has been an active member and thought leader in the global mobile community since the late nineties. John is a developer by trade, and truly believe that the key to success is a happy end user, and that innovative use of technology will help achieve that truly optimal user experience. Coding now is just done for recreation as he is now heading the Innovation and Products team at Mobiletech, which he also invented and co-founded.