PDX Women in IT Happy Hour Networking Event

Come join an amazing group of ladies! No specific agenda, just network and have fun!

23 July 2013 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Come join an amazing group of ladies! No specific agenda, just network and have fun!

You've all heard of Jama...so why not join us to visit their space, have a beverage and meet some cool ladies?

PDX Women in Information Technology exists to celebrate professional women in the Portland-metro area who work with, manage, lead or have an interest in technology. Whether you are developing event-driven, non-blocking applications in node.js or setting technology strategy for a Fortune 500 company–or anything in between–come join us!


vendors: This is a friendly networking event only

52 known attendees

  • Ashley Lund
  • Liz Savage
  • Catherine Azzarello
  • Anya King
  • Sara Morrow
  • Nechama Katan
  • Michelle (Creedon) Johansen
  • Heidi (Graebel) Kayser
  • Amanda Halbirt
  • Kronda
  • christina
  • Marnie Pasciuto-Wood
  • Angelina de Bellis
  • Megan Chinburg
  • Marya DeVoto
  • Maribeth Pusieski
  • Kadee Acree
  • Colby Parrott Persell
  • Sara Carlson
  • jewel m
  • Renee Rutz
  • Sridevi Kolluri
  • Jennifer Ellis
  • Zina Krivoruk
  • Larissa Lane
  • Amy Kirkland
  • Melissa Kaganovich
  • Jenni (Kim) Corbett
  • Ava Seal
  • Elle McKay
  • ruthee
  • Elizabeth Heinlein
  • Rachel Shadoan
  • Alison Renz
  • Katie Leonard
  • Jill Burrows
  • Sarva Deslauriers
  • Siobhan Higgins
  • Janessa Olson
  • Claire (Wolfson) Hernandez

9 people tracking this event

  • Megan (Kielman) Bigelow
  • Heather Pamplin
  • Breanne Antonius
  • Karess McGrath
  • Kelly O'Brien
  • Kelly Noack
  • AJ Dadulla
  • Kaylene Putnam
  • Joshua Enders

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