php[tek] 2013 speakers

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Andreas Hucks

Sensio Labs

Andreas Hucks works as a senior developer and consultant for SensioLabs Germany, where he is responsible for the trainings unit. He has had extensive project experience with Symfony throughout its history, doing development, consulting, coaching, and contributing to the framework. As a long time member of the Symfony community, Andreas has co-organized the Symfony Day conference series and Symfony Live Berlin.

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Andrew Nacin

@WordPress core developer and committer. Tech Ninja at @AudreyCapital. bio from Twitter

Andrew Nacin is a lead developer of WordPress, wrangling contributions, spearheading initiatives, advising new development, and squashing bugs. He led the last major release of WordPress, 3.5, which overhauled media handling. He is also a member of the core security team. Just as many PHP core developers have with PHP, he and WordPress have a love-hate relationship. If he thought it was perfect, he would find another job. He feels strongly about the core philosophies of WordPress, among them "decisions, not options" — software should be opinionated in lieu of burdening the user with too many options. He works for WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg at Audrey Capital, where he is primarily tasked with working on WordPress core and keeping the lights on at WordPress.org. He resides in downtown Washington, D.C., with his wife. You can follow him on Twitter at @nacin.

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Arbi Arzoumani

Former Publisher & Art Director @ php|architect & Blue Parabola LLC. [INSERT NEW JOB TITLE HERE]. bio from Twitter

Arbi Arzoumani is the former Art Director and one of the co-founders of Blue Parabola and php|architect. A graduate of Toronto's Seneca College, in his spare time he likes to bike, drive fast go karts and spend time with his family. He hasn't stopped working with the web since he first used Mosaic in 1993. In 1996, his first website (resume) gave him the opportunity to showcase his design/programming work and become a web developer for iFront/Microforum. By 2001, Arbi was a product manager for the in-house E-Commerce package developed with Microsoft's Site Server which allowed him to work with many talented people in the industry delivering quality work for Fortune 500 companies. Arbi was introduced to the world of Open Source and started developing with PHP in 2002. Since then, he has continued to turn his Graphic Design hobby into a full-time career. You can reach him at arbi@arzoumani.com and follow his random thoughts at @arzoum.

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Ben Marks

Blue Acorn

Ben Marks has been a full-scope Magento developer since October 2008 (CE v1.1.6), and he has worked on numerous Magento implementations. He was the first hire at Blue Acorn, an award-winning eCommerce agency and Magento Gold Solutions Partner. He currently serves as the empl’s Magento Evangelist and Head Educator. Ben also serves as one of only a handful of developer instructors for Magento U, the official education arm of Magento, Inc. In this role Ben has delivered over a thousand hours of in-person training to hundreds of developers around the world. Ben is also the featured instructor of the wildly popular on-demand version of Fundamentals of Magento Development, the original forty-hour developer training course (still available for free at http://www.magentocommerce.com/t...). He also serves Magento, Inc. as one of the fifteen original members of the Magento Certification Advisory Board, and was among the first developers in the world to be Magento Certified Developer Plus.

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Ben Ramsey


Ben Ramsey has been making web software since before it was cool. He is an author, speaker, and user group organizer who shares his passion for the Web, APIs, and craft beer every chance he gets. He is a Software Architect at Moontoast, where he leads development of their SaaS platform.

  • API First, Fri 17th May 10:15am to 11:15am
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Chris Cornutt


Chris has been involved with PHP and its community for over ten years, most of that running his site, PHPDeveloper.org - a site devoted to bringing the most up-to-date, informative news and community happenings to the forefront. He’s a Zend Certified Engineer and works as a development team lead in Dallas, TX.

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Chris Hartjes


Chris Hartjes has been building web applications of all shapes and sizes since 1998, with a focus on best practices and how to use testing as an effective development tool. By day he works as a Principal Engineer for Synacor (http://synacor.com) while by night he works on building his online info-product empire through http://grumpy-learning.com He also is one of the organizers of the Greater Toronto Area PHP User Group and the True North PHP conference. He lives in Milton, Ontario, Canada with his long-suffering wife, two daughters, a furry pig masquerading as a cat, and the reincarnation of the Roman god of the underworld in feline form.

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Chris Tankersley

The Brick Factory

Chris Tankersley is a husband, father, and PHP developer in Northwest Ohio. I work for The Brick Factory in Washington, D.C. doing Drupal, Wordpress, and custom development. I founded the Northwest Ohio PHP User Group, and work with local developers helping them with programming and server administration. I work with PHP primarily, with some work done in Node.js and Python for personal projects. My website is http://ctankersley.com Info about my talks are available at http://ctankersley.com/talks/ Articles I've had published are linked to at http://ctankersley.com/articles/

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Cory Fowler


Cory Fowler is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist focused on running PHP applications on Windows Azure. His skills and experience, however, are not confined to PHP and Windows Azure. Cory’s expertise in the private sector earned him the status of First Windows Azure MVP in Canada, as well as being a member of inaugural Windows Azure MVP group worldwide. Cory takes great pride in being both Canadian and a Ginger. You can find Cory on Twitter under the handle @SyntaxC4 or read up on Windows Azure and other insightful things on his blog, http://blog.syntaxc4.net.

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Dave Stokes

Oracle (MySQL)

Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager and previously was the Certification Manager for MySQL AB. He is a MySQL Certified DBA, Developer and Cluster DBA. he has been using MySQL since it was released and has been programming PHP since it was released.

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Davey Shafik

Engine Yard

Davey Shafik has been working with PHP and the LAMP stack, as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for over a decade. With several books, and numerous articles, and conference appearances under his belt, he enjoys teaching others any way he can. An avid photographer, he lives in sunny Florida with his wife and son, and two cats.

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Derick Rethans

10gen (MongoDB)

Derick Rethans is a PHP internals expert, author of Xdebug and an OpenStreetMap and mapping enthusiast. He has contributed in a number of ways to the PHP project, including the Xdebug debugging tool, and various extensions and additions. He's a frequent lecturer at conferences, the author of php|architect's Guide to Date and Time Programming, and the co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming. He is now working at 10gen to work on the PHP driver for MongoDB.

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Dylan Richard

cars and kids and code. former Dir Engineering @obama2012, VP Engineering @threadless, @crateandbarrel. I'm a big fan of the internets. bio from Twitter

Dylan Richard is the full-bearded technologist who, as Director for Engineering, quietly led the 40 engineers of Obama for America’s Technology team to victory in 2012. Previously, he helmed technical teams as Vice President of Engineering at skinnyCorp (home of threadless.com) and was a Senior Developer at Crate & Barrel. Dylan lives in Chicago, Illinois, with his patient wife, Sarah, two amazing sons, a cat, and a rotating stable of old diesel VWs. His possible favorite claim to fame is having his chest-length beard proclaimed “fierce” by President Barack Obama. Follow him on twitter @dylanr

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Elizabeth Smith

PHP Windows Geek (not Oxymoron) bio from Twitter

Elizabeth has been using PHP since time immemorial (PHP 4 beta), but has used PHP 5 for so long now that she’s forgotten how she ever got by without SPL and a real object model. Elizabeth is a certifiable (yes, we mean men in white coats are going to put her in a straight jacket) Windows geek; She enjoys doing very perverse things to Windows using PHP. She went to college for dance which quickly became an English major after the first baby. If you see her in person, ask how she wound up with a career in computers.

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Emma Jane Hogbin

Design to Theme

Emma Jane Hogbin has been working as a web developer since 1996, helping individuals and organizations to realize both their own potential, and that of their on-line presence. She's authored two books on Drupal, and contributed technical reviews, and articles to many more publications. Passionate about information, and knowledge acquisition, Emma Jane has been teaching Web-based technologies for over a decade at community colleges, conferences around the world, and on-line through her training empl. She is well-known in the Drupal community for her engaging and humorous means of bringing Drupal to a wider audience...such as the Drupal socks and their GPLed pattern. In her spare time, Emma Jane is a crafty advocate. She also keeps bees in Canada and likes to drink Scotch. These last two things are probably not related. To get in touch with Emma you can ping her on the Twitters, @emmajanedotnet, or visit her online at www.emmajane.net.

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Garrison Locke

NC State University & PintLabs

Garrison been programming in PHP for over a decade now. But like everyone else, he's doing more than just PHP these days. He's had a lot of experience developing complex Javascript front ends for PHP backends and has recently started to delve into the world of iOS development. He's one of the co-founders of PintLabs, who develops the BreweryDB API, BreweryDb.com and BreweryMap.com! Hurray beer!

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Harper Reed

I am pretty awesome. Check out this simple guide to my tweets: http://bit.ly/r1GnK - Chief Technology Officer for Obama for America. bio from Twitter

Harper Reed is an hacker/engineer who builds paradigm-shifting tech and leads others to do the same. Harper loves using the enormity of the Internet to bring people together, whether as CTO of Obama for America, CTO at Threadless.com, or on his own projects. Harper and his team created Dashboard, a site that connects volunteer teams and acts as an online component of the field office. You can often find Harper playing with new technology, looking for something to hack, or enjoying life in Chicago with his amazing wife, Hiromi.

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Harrie Verveer


Harrie Verveer has been working with PHP as a professional since 2004. First at Ibuildings, and since a couple of months as senior PHP developer at bax-shop.nl, the largest webshop for sound, stage and studio equipment in the Netherlands. He helped organizing the Dutch PHP Conference in 2011 and 2012 and is a regular speaker at conferences and user group events in Europe, where he shares his experience and knowledge gained from working with a wide variety of technologies. In his spare time Harrie enjoys playing tennis, playing golf and playing guitar in his own cover band.

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Jason Austin

NC State University & PintLabs

I am a senior PHP developer and project manager with over 10 years of web development experience. My focus is on improving myself as a developer through the participation in the global and local development community, exploration of new and innovative technologies, and execution of best practices including version control, testing, agile development and design patterns. My development focuses on quality and maintainable code, while also delivering intuitive and clean interfaces for end users. My passion lies in making the lives of my audience easier through high quality web applications, then participating in the open source movement by sharing the code I create. Also, I love beer and making cool apps for beer :)

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Jeremy Kendall


Jeremy Kendall has been dabbling in PHP since 2001 and has been developing professionally since 2007. Jeremy spent the first few year of his professional career working with large frameworks, but has since moved in the micro-framework direction, with special attention payed to Slim and dependency management with Composer. Beyond the simple pleasures of daily web development, Jeremy has developed a passion for testing, a love for best practices, and the desire to share that knowledge with others. Toward that end he was the founder of the Memphis PHP user group and organized that group for two years. Jeremy has since moved to Nashville, TN and is getting involved in the PHP community there.

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Jeremy Mikola

10gen (MongoDB)

Jeremy Mikola is a software engineer at 10gen's NYC office. As a member of the driver and evangelism team, he helps develop MongoDB's PHP driver and contributes to various OSS projects, such as Doctrine, Symfony2 and Zend Framework. Before joining 10gen in May 2012, Jeremy helped build great things with Symfony2, MongoDB, and a handful of other interesting technologies at OpenSky and Exercise.com.

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John Congdon


I am the organizer of SD PHP (http://www.sdphp.org) and have been using PHP as my preferred language since 2003. Before that I used a variety of languages, but mostly PERL at that time. I have been a sole developer for most of my career and would not return to that role for many reasons. I now work from home at a empl of 7 developers. Everyone is remote and spread across the world (ok, we have an IOS dev in Israel), everyone else is across the US (California to Washington DC) and Canada.

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Ligaya Turmelle

Oracle (MySQL)

Ligaya Turmelle is a full time Goddess, part time MySQL DBA, occasional PHP programmer, and frequent world traveler. She currently has visited or lived in 19 countries and now resides in Florida with her husband, daughter and their 2 Belgian Malinois. As a MySQL Support Engineer for Oracle she still manages to stay actively involved with the PHP Community as a founding Principle of phpwomen.org, blogger and long-time busy body of the PHPCommunity channel (#phpc) on freenode. She hopes to one day actually meet all the people she talks to. Now for all the letters - ZCE (PHP4&5), CMDBA, CMDEV, MySQL Core and Oracle ACE for MySQL.

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Lorna Mitchell

Lornajane Ltd

Lorna is an independent PHP consultant and trainer based in Leeds, UK. She leads the joind.in open source project, which provides a platform for real-time, public feedback at community events. She is an experienced event organiser and speaker herself, having hosted the Dutch PHP Conference and co-founded the PHP North West conference and user group. She has spoken at technical events across Europe and beyond, predominantly on technical topics around PHP and APIs, but also on topics around business, projects and open source. She regularly delivers technical training sessions and is also active as a mentor with PHPWomen.org. Lorna loves to write and in addition to her books is regularly published at a number of outlets including netmagazine and of course her own blog lornajane.net.

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Michelangelo van Dam

in2it vof

Michelangelo van Dam is a professional PHP consultant and Zend Framework expert working mainly for governments and larger enterprises. Michelangelo is also president of PHPBenelux, a PHP user group operating in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, and speaks at several PHP conferences around the world.

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Mike Stowe


Mike is a professional software engineer, PHP 5.3 Zend Certified, and has over 10 years of PHP hacking experience. In those 10 years he as had the privilege of building numerous websites and applications, including applications for the medical field, law enforcement, one of the leading audio and lighting dealers, large and small non-profits, and numerous industrial companies. He has also spoken at numerous conferences, published multiple articles on PHP and security, is an active member of OWASP, and helps organize MNPHP, Twin Cities Software Engineers, and the MidwestPHP Conference. He currently work at CaringBridge as a Software Engineer, where they serve half a million people everyday.

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Pablo Godel


Pablo Godel is Co-founder of ServerGrove, PHP & Symfony developer, and contributor to many open source projects . In his leisure time he likes to spend his time with his family, travel and sailing.

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Patrick Schwisow

OpticsPlanet, Inc

Patrick has been into web technologies since the "bad old days" when animated GIFs were required on all sites and the BLINK tag still had some supporters. He suffered through several years of procedural programming in PHP4 before discovering the glories of OOP in PHP5. Patrick is a Senior Software Engineer at OpticsPlanet, Inc. in Northbrook, IL, and regularly works with Zend Framework, Doctrine 2, Symfony 2, and several less fun technologies. After hours, he's the founder and organizer of the Lake / Kenosha County PHP Users Group.

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Rafael Dohms


Rafael Dohms is an experienced PHP Developer, Evangelist, Speaker and Contributor. During his years of experience he has become an active member of the community and founded 3 User Groups. He moved to the Netherlands to integrate the WEBclusive team and safe his passion for code quality and innovation in the Crowd funding world. In his spare time he also helps manage the AmsterdamPHP User Group, amongst other projects.

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Rob Allen

Big Room Internet

Rob Allen has been programming with PHP since 1999 and is a member of the PHP community. He is the lead author of Zend Framework in Action, a contributor to Zend Framework (1 & 2!) and is a member of the ZF Community team. Rob holds a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Birmingham in the UK and started out writing C++ applications. He now concentrates solely on web-based applications in PHP. Rob runs Nineteen Feet Limited, focussing on web development, training and consultancy.