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James Titcumb

Web Developer for Roave. Also run the @phpsouthcoast conference and @phphants user group. Have lovely children and wife. Life is great isn't it?


I make beautiful geo web apps. Mostly front-end dev, but also full-stack Rails & JS-based frameworks. #globaldev #Agile

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Derick Rethans

PHP internals person, author of Xdebug; OpenStreetMap and mapping enthusiast. Works as PHP Engineer/Evangelist on MongoDB.

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Stuart Herbert

I'm on a mission to stop people wasting precious time by preventing amateur hour. INTJ. Passionate about doing better tomorrow. Opinions entirely my own. bio from Twitter

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Lee Boynton

Escaped Isle of Wighter. Web developer at Symbios Group. I tend to talk about PHP, JavaScript and Linux. Co-organiser for @phphants.

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