Python Training Course

Three day hands-on Python training course by Anand Chitipothu

21 23 June 2013

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Three-day hands-on training course on Python programming language targeted at experienced programmers new to Python. -- Register Now


1. Getting Started

Covers basics of Python programming language. Includes, using interterperter, running scripts and introduction to basic data types.

2. Working with Data

Introduction to Python’s powerful datastuctures including, lists and dictionaries. Also covers working with files.

3. Modules

Introduction to Python module system. Covers imports, docstrings, pydoc and quick tour of standard library.

4. Classes and Objects

Introduction to object-oriented programming with Python. Covers writing classes, object creation, inheritence and exception handling.

5. Working with Third-party Modules

Introduction to installing third-party modules from PyPI and virtualenv.

6. Testing Python Programs

Introduction to automated testing using unittest module.


To get a detailed idea of what topic will be covered, have a look at Python Practice Book, notes derived from the previous trainings by the instructor.


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  • Anand Chitipothu

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