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Harry Cummings

Tech lead at Softwire

Neil Prosser

I love code. Writing it, fixing it, talking about it, reading other people write about it and trying to get better at it. MixRadio pay me for my code. bio from Twitter


Software engineer, Department of Data @ Heroku

Cleber Dantas

WebDev, ASP.NET, WebPerf, Internet, Consulting, Talks, Training, Blog

Ben Griffiths

Clojure / Java programmer at Nokia Music

Graham Lee

Fan of the paleologism. I made a thing: http://leanpub.com/appropriatebehaviour bio from Twitter

Nick Palmer

UK based software developer with an extremely dull twitter account

Eoin Woods

Engineer, Doer, CTO, Speaker, Writer

Thom Shutt

Junior Software Engineer at BBC bio from LinkedIn

John Carr

Python. OS X. Linux. GNOME. Tofu. bio from Twitter

Tim Perry

Tech Lead and Open-Source Champion at Resin.io

Julien Lavigne du Cadet

Software Architect at ABC Arbitrage Asset Management bio from LinkedIn

Inti Ocean

Quant Developer • Photographer • Designer

George Richmond

Software Developer at Sky bio from LinkedIn

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Philip Potter

Consultant developer/sysadmin for Thoughtworks UK. Clojure advocate, occasional bassoonist. 10 items or less is correct, despite what Strunk & White say. bio from Twitter

James Parton

European Startups and Tech. Founder of @landandexpand

Sam Starling

Backend Engineer for @SoundCloud

Tim Park

Director at Microsoft bio from LinkedIn

This person is speaking at this event.
David Heath

Lead Developer and systems thinker at @gdsteam #empathy #auftragstaktik #nonviolentcommunication #sdlogic #LiberatingStructures. Organiser of @LibStructLDN. bio from Twitter


Chief Executive of Permanent Outgoing Income - Member of Club Retina bio from Twitter

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