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Tim Messerschmidt

Regional Lead, Developer Relations at Google


music & books. developer that likes ux bio from Twitter

Marijn Haverbeke

Prolific coder. Person behind CodeMirror, Eloquent JavaScript, and Tern. Free-lancer. bio from Twitter

Ben Green

Organic lunar gardening evangelist, green by nature, boxer, vegan with daughters.Working front-end obsessive since 1996. Javascript / HTML5. Mobile since 2007


Antipreneurial Semicolon Typist. Some people call me Adi https://github.com/netroy http://instagram.com/netroy

Robin Böhm

@symetics, author of the first german book about #angularjs http://amzn.to/VopRny, coach, trainer, #javascript https://github.com/robinboehm/

Angelina Fabbro

Devtools team @mozilla. Loves: web components + standards + mobile + tools + making you a better dev

Andrew Paprocki

Sr. Engineer at Bloomberg LP

Horia Dragomir

UI Developer, Hungry & Foolish

Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe

Software developer at Stack Exchange

Ingo Rammer

Software Development Consultant. Entrepreneur. Multiplatform JavaScripter. Technologist. Dev book author in a previous life. bio from Twitter

Anders Ringqvist

for teh #lulz, #cookies and #ponies bio from Twitter

Michael P. Pfeiffer

Organizer of CSSconf EU


Web developer, in love with JS for all that years


Web developer at @9elements. Writes JavaScript & Ruby. Initiator of @chaplinjs. – “My technology will be intersectional or it will be bullshit!” (@juliepagano) bio from Twitter

Alberto Miorin

Hadoop, YARN, Mesos, Docker, Spark and Ansible right now. bio from Twitter

Sven Lito

JavaScript Developer and passionate Rock Climber. Proud team member of @hoodiehq and @bower. bio from Twitter

Levin Alexander

Ihr seid ja gar keine Vögel! bio from Twitter

Peter Aitken

Agile, Ruby & JS Monkey. Looking after @ScotlandJS, @ScotlandCSS & @gdCFPday. Working at @litmusapp bio from Twitter

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Mike MacCana

I make stuff for the internet. Now: secret. Previously: Bazaarvoice, Google, Red Hat. Organizer: http://ginjs.org. Also: Agave.JS, Python DocX bio from Twitter

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Daughter driven development. Sr. Engineer @webcompat && @FirefoxDevTools. Works @mozilla. Part of @opentechschool && @cssconfeu. Feminist killjoy. PMA. bio from Twitter

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Jan Monschke

Frontend Engineer from Berlin working for @SoundCloud, Web Audio lover, Longboarder, Traveler bio from Twitter

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Alexander Beletsky

Co-founder of @likeastore | In love with technology and beautiful design. bio from Twitter

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Gustaf Nilsson Kotte

Developer at Jayway. Design/Architecture, REST/Hypermedia. Slavoj Zizek, John Mayer. I like to connect and combine things.

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Tim Ruffles

Writing lots of JS at @hellocubik. Co-organiser of @funjsldn, and Google Dev Expert for web bio from Twitter

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Nik Graf

Passionate about Software Architecture, UX, Skiing & Triathlons - Creator of DraftJS Plugins & Belle. Working full-time on open source at @Stripe

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Andrzej Mazur

Enclave Games founder

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Tobias Reiss

Proud Dad. TDD, Developer at Adobe. WebKit committer. iOS Dev with my sunshine @madamelerenoir

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Reject.JS 2013

Germany Germany, Berlin

12th September 2013

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