Rubyslava / PyVo #31 - Open Data Edition schedule

Thursday 22nd August 2013

  • How government projects work...NOT!

    by Peter Mešťaník

    Since 2007 works on government projects for healthcare, army and even first e-poll in Slovakia. He will talk about the biggest obstacles and problems in developing software for governments and why we don't have open data now.

    On Thursday 22nd August

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  • Tech and other challenges in Open Courts project

    by Samo Molnár and Pavol Zbell

    Scraping data from ASP.NET based sites can be tricky. Dealing with automatic form filling, viewstate variable and dynamic POST fields is a necessity in this case. Normalizing and linking raw data on which we can never assume its completeness is hard. Especially when matching judges from various sources only by their names. Building open data sometimes requires direct contact with departments of our government and as we all know, this is the part where the real fun begins.

    On Thursday 22nd August

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