Sessions at SANS Security West 2013 on Wednesday 8th May

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  • MGT305: Technical Communication and Presentation Skills for Security Professionals

    by David Hoelzer

    In my view this course fills a number of very real needs. For several years now I've included sections on how to run meetings in some of my audit and management courses. Invariably students ask, "When is SANS going to write a course on how to do presentations??"

    Another thing that many students struggle with is writing an effective whitepaper. Whitepapers are powerful tools that can be used to increase your name recognition as an IT professional. They're also the prime requirement for a GIAC Gold student or SANS STI master's degree candidate.

    Finally, there are several courses that deal with issues that can lead to a GIAC certified professional being asked to testify in a court as a fact witness or even as an expert witness. These courses handle all of the important legal aspects, but nowhere did we have a course that can prepare you for the communications aspects of this work.

    This is the course that fills all of these needs!

    - David Hoelzer

    At 9:00am to 5:00pm, Wednesday 8th May

    In Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel

  • MGT415: A Practical Introduction to Risk Assessment

    by James Tarala

    Almost every time we talk with an organization, whether that be a private company or a government agency, we meet people who want to use risk assessment as a tool, but are not actually using it as they could. No organization has enough resources to do everything they would like to defend themselves. At some point a priority decision has to be made. We either make those decisions individually based on whatever need seems to be the most pressing in front of us today, or we take a methodical approach, getting as much input from the business as possible. Risk management is the tool we have available for taking the methodical path.

    This course has been written with practicality and usability in mind. Risk models and learning ALE to pass a certification test are fine, but to defend our systems, we need practical skills in risk assessment. This course will teach students the hands-on skills necessary to immediately start using risk assessment as a tool to defend their organization. -James & Kelli Tarala

    In this course students will learn the practical skills necessary to perform regular risk assessments for their organizations. The ability to perform a risk assessment is crucial for organizations hoping to defend their systems. There are simply too many threats, too many potential vulnerabilities that could exist, and simply not enough resources to create an impregnable security infrastructure. Therefore every organization, whether they do so in an organized manner or not, will make priority decision on how best to defend their valuable data assets. Risk assessment should be the foundational tool used to facilitate thoughtful and purposeful defense strategies.

    At 9:00am to 5:00pm, Wednesday 8th May

    In Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel