Sessions at SANS Security West 2013 on Sunday 12th May

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  • NetWars - Tournament

    by Yori Kvitchko

    NetWars Tournament runs over an intense two-to-three day period, at a conference or hosted onsite. Many enterprises, government agencies, and military bases are using NetWars onsites to help identify skilled personnel and as part of extensive hands-on training.
    The Competition

    Consists of an interactive, Internet-based environment for computer attacks and analyzing defenses
    Is designed to be accessible to a broad level of participant skill ranges
    Is split into separate levels so participants may quickly advance through earlier levels to the level of their expertise. The entire challenge involves five levels:
    Level 1 - Played on local Linux image without root
    Level 2 - Played on local Linux image with root
    Level 3 - Attack a DMZ
    Level 4 - Pivot to intranet
    Level 5 - Master of your domain... castle versus castle

    At 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Sunday 12th May

    In Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel