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9 November 2013

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Full Frontal is an amazing day, but each year we've yearned for more. So this year, we're putting on an extra event: Side View. It's a supplementary event to Full Frontal, on the following day made up of 6 speakers talking about a wide range of developer topics.

It's just as carefully and lovingly curated as Full Frontal is, and we're excited to have 6 new sessions ranging from upcoming technology and doing our day jobs better to the struggles of working within such an incredible fast moving industry.

6 speakers

Coverage of Side View

6 sessions

55 known attendees

  • Jamie Knight
  • Mike Brondbjerg
  • Clare Hyam
  • Ernesto Jiménez
  • John Hunter
  • Chris Rowe
  • Kriss Watt
  • Steve Tyler
  • Kirk Northrop
  • leandro lopez
  • Giulia Alfonsi
  • David Gauld
  • Orde Saunders
  • Sander Aarts
  • Mairead
  • Kenneth Auchenberg
  • Steve Thomson
  • Jonathan
  • José De Sousa
  • James Wragg
  • Tim Ruffles
  • Robin Whittleton
  • Rifa
  • Tobias T—
  • Vicky Carmichael
  • Jan van Hellemond
  • Rodney Rehm
  • Dave Letorey
  • Dave Price
  • Daniel Harris
  • Alena Dagneau
  • ধ্রুব
  • Ana Tudor
  • Alex Youngs
  • Joe Beaver
  • Lars Janssen
  • Will Ogden
  • Jack Sleight
  • wilfred nas
  • Cy Pearce

17 people tracking this event

  • Seb Lee-Delisle
  • Tristan Bailey ⚙️
  • yago dlt
  • Paul Love
  • Paul L Ferguson
  • Gray MacGregor
  • Alastair Mucklow
  • Edd Hannay
  • Konrad Wohlrab
  • Kamil Kuliczkowski
  • Phil Hawksworth
  • Berislav Lopac
  • Andrew Hayward
  • Benjamin Parry
  • Clive Walker
  • Matijs Brinkhuis

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