Skepticon VI

The Midwest's Largest Skeptic Conference

15 17 November 2013

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34 speakers

  • Amanda Knief @mzdameanor Administrative Director for American Atheists
  • Amanda Marcotte @AmandaMarcotte Journalist; executive editor of Pandagon
  • Debbie Goddard @DebGod Outreach Director over at the CFI as well as the Director of African Americans for Humanism
  • PZ Myers @pzmyers Biology professor; blogger at Pharyngula
  • Rebecca Hensler Founder of Grief Beyond Belief
  • John Corvino @johncorvino Author of What’s Wrong With Homosexuality and co-author of Debating Same Sex Marriage
  • Dr. Monica R. Miller @religionhiphop Senior Research Fellow with The Institute for Humanist Studies and author of Religion and Hip Hop
  • Rebecca Watson @rebeccawatson Skepchick.org and Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast

Coverage of Skepticon VI

49 sessions

Workshops Day 1 from 10am to 11:59pm Friday 15th November 2013

31 sessions presented by 33 speakers

Saturday Day 2 from 9am to 10pm Saturday 16th November 2013

Sunday Day 3 from 9am to 4pm Sunday 17th November 2013


35 known attendees

  • Alex Vancina
  • Lauren Lane
  • Andrea K.
  • Bart Dorsey
  • Amanda Knief
  • Amanda Marcotte
  • Debbie Goddard
  • PZ Myers
  • John Corvino
  • Dr. Monica R. Miller
  • Rebecca the Undead
  • The Thinking Atheist
  • JT Eberhard
  • David Tamayo
  • David Fitzgerald
  • Greta Christina
  • Keith Lowell Jensen
  • Shelley Segal
  • Aron Ra
  • Monette Richards
  • Dale DeBakcsy
  • Neil Wehneman
  • Jason Testerman
  • Mark MacLean
  • Stephanie Zvan
  • Cindy Lane
  • Danielle Muscato
  • Phil Ferguson
  • Darrel W. Ray
  • Ashley F. Miller
  • Faisal Saeed AlMutar
  • Dr. Richard Carrier
  • Heina Dadabhoy

12 people tracking this event

  • Lei Pinter
  • Noah Wiles
  • David Price
  • dgreer75
  • Tom Morris
  • Alexa Blumenstock
  • Roy Crawford
  • Doris Jackson
  • William Donohue
  • Felicity Kusinitz
  • dave matson
  • Tim Farley

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