Skeptrack 2013

Critical Thought at Dragon*Con

29 August 2 September 2013

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44 speakers

  • Scott Sigler @scottsigler Author
  • Nicole Gugliucci @NoisyAstronomer Astronomer at CosmoQuest
  • Michael A Stackpole @MikeStackpole New York Times Bestselling author of over 45 novels, including I, Jedi, Rogue Squadron, and Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde.
  • John C. Snider @AMERFREETHOUGHT Host of the American Freethought podcast
  • Tim Farley @krelnik Research Fellow for @JREF; creator of whatstheharm.net
  • Brian Brushwood @shwood Magician, podcaster, host of Scam School
  • Michael Shermer @michaelshermer Publisher of Skeptic magazine; author of several books.
  • David Silverman @MrAtheistPants President of American Atheists; producer of the Reason Rally
  • Jon David Hotchkiss TV creator/producer/director; creator of "This vs. That"
  • Nick Eftimiades diplomat, author, and futurist
  • Jamie Hyneman @JamieNoTweet host of Mythbusters
  • Adam Savage @donttrythis host of Mythbusters
  • Dave Daigle Director for Communication at CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response
  • Dr. Ali Khan @CDC_DrKhan Director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (PHPR) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Pierre Rollin CDC’s Office of Infectious Diseases
  • David Swerdlow Associate Director for Epidemiologic Science at CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases

Coverage of Skeptrack 2013

30 sessions

Day 1 Thursday 29th August 2013

Day 2 Friday 30th August 2013

Day 3 Saturday 31st August 2013

Day 4 Sunday 1st September 2013

Day 5 Monday 2nd September 2013

Hilton Atlanta

United States United States / Atlanta

255 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303

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58 known attendees

  • Rebecca the Undead
  • Nathan Miller
  • Cory Albrecht
  • Christian Walters
  • Cleon
  • Talha
  • Robynn McCarthy
  • Mykel Alvis
  • Snotti Prince St Cyr
  • Clair High
  • Wil Harbin
  • Phil Plait
  • Kyle Sanders
  • Barbara Drescher
  • Derek Colanduno
  • Massimo Pigliucci
  • AbruptMedia
  • Alicia Vickery
  • Kevin Baggett
  • Benjamin Radford
  • margaret downey
  • Pamela L. Gay
  • Mark Edward
  • Scott Sigler
  • Nicole Gugliucci
  • Michael A Stackpole
  • John C. Snider
  • Tim Farley
  • Brian Brushwood
  • Michael Shermer
  • David Silverman
  • Jon Hotchkiss
  • Nick Eftimiades
  • Jamie Hyneman
  • Adam Savage
  • Dave Daigle
  • Dr. Ali Khan
  • David Swerdlow
  • DrewCurtis
  • Jonathan Strickland

9 people tracking this event

  • Noah Wiles
  • David Price
  • Nicola Mazbar
  • Reno Skeptics
  • Alexa Blumenstock
  • Crystriandri Novanda
  • William Donohue
  • Gordon P. Hemsley
  • Dave Sanchez

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