Smashing Conference 2013

A community event for passionate Web designers and developers.

9 11 September 2013

20 speakers

  • Addy Osmani @addyosmani Googler working on Chrome • Author • Yeoman & DevTools • Passionate about pushing the web forward
  • Dan Mall @danielmall Founder/Design Director @superfriendlyco. Co-founder @typedia & @bizologyshow. Former @bigspaceship, @happycog, @four24.
  • David Březina @MrBrezina Type designer, creator of the Skolar typeface, founder of the Rosetta type foundry.
  • Jason Santa Maria @jasonsantamaria Designer by day, designer by night.
  • Andy Hume @andyhume Software architect at the Guardian. Formerly Clearleft, Microsoft, Multimap.
  • Dan Rubin @danrubin Designer, photographer, INFP. Brand, product, web, mobile = love. Former creative director at
  • Luke Wroblewski Rosenfeld Media @lukew Digital product design and strategy guy in Silicon Valley, CA. Known for Mobile First, Bagcheck, Web Form Design.
  • Inayaili de León Persson @yaili Lead Web Designer at @Canonical. Loves naps.
  • Tim Kadlec @tkadlec A Web developer living in Wisconsin. Author of "Implementing Responsive Design".
  • Elliot Jay Stocks @elliotjaystocks Designer, speaker, author. Publisher of @8faces.
  • Nicolas Gallagher @necolas Software Engineer at @twitter. Ex-Londoner. Previous life: Anthropology and Evolution.
  • Nishant Kothary @rainypixels Founder at Minky. Formerly Microsoft, Amazon, and Purdue. At the mercy of a Weimaraner.
  • Jeremy Keith @adactio A Web developer and author living and working in Brighton, England.
  • Klaus Schmidt The professional accordion player from Freiburg, Germany.
  • Natalie Downe Eventbrite Lanyrd @Natbat Startup founder, product designer, project manager and front-end Web engineer.
  • Brad Frost Rosenfeld Media @brad_frost I am a web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, musician, and artist in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. Married to the lovely @minifrost and @ziggyfrost is my dog.
  • Jake Archibald @jaffathecake
  • Lisanne Pajot @lisannepajot Lisanne is a filmmaker, co-director and producer of the "Indie Game: The Movie", a documentary that follows the journeys of indie game developers as they create
  • James Swirsky @jamesswirsky James is a filmmaker, co-director and producer of the "Indie Game: The Movie", a documentary that follows the journeys of indie game developers as they create g
  • Ethan Marcotte @beep Independent designer. GIF sommelier. Started that whole “responsive web design” thing. (@RWD) Affable.

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17 sessions

Day 1 from 8am Monday 9th September 2013

Day 2 from 8:30am Tuesday 10th September 2013

Day 3 from 8:30am to 5:30pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

86 known attendees

  • Nils Windisch
  • Ben MacGowan
  • Georg Kreimer
  • Aron Woost
  • Serge Hardmeier
  • Noel Tock
  • Rowdy Rabouw
  • jon
  • Peter Bösenberg
  • Tobias Bannwart
  • Jens Strobel
  • Michael Grosch
  • ᴋɪᴍ ᴊᴏʜᴀɴɴᴇsᴇɴ
  • Daniel Harris
  • P. Divvy
  • ajara
  • Siobhan McKeown
  • Cat Clark
  • Sven
  • David Roessli
  • Simon Willison
  • Sebastian Sebald
  • Hjörtur Hilmarsson
  • Irena Dugonjić
  • Scott Whitehead
  • Thomas Dybdal
  • Horia Dragomir
  • Daniel Wiegand
  • Henne Vogelsang
  • Michele Giacobazzi
  • Daniel Wentsch
  • Elisabeth Irgens
  • Esther Amor
  • Jens Heidrich
  • Marko Dugonjić
  • Lucijan Blagonić
  • Kai Birkenfeld
  • Marek Sotak
  • Helder Mendes
  • Andres Freese

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  • Miguel Cavalcanti
  • Robert McHardy
  • Rogier Barendregt
  • Greg Nudelman
  • Fabian Tempel
  • Kylie Wilson
  • Joonas Salovaara
  • Ann Wuyts
  • Gordon
  • Adam Green
  • Jan Deppisch
  • Dominik Ogilvie
  • Pieter De Clercq
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  • Scott Gruber

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