Through An Usual Set of Eyes :: Tech Product Design for Subversive Users

A session at Stir Trek: Darkness Edition

Friday 17th May, 2013

2:15pm to 3:15pm (EST)

Whether the things you make are hardware or software, once they end up in the real world, they are exposed to subversive users. Some of those users are curious, some are malicious, some are competitors and some are criminals. Either way, they present a potential risk to your product and your organization. Those risks might be financial, reputational or even life threatening. This talk is about how to understand those risks. It covers the basic concepts of the subversive user communities and discusses what to expect from them. It teaches developers how folks interested in piracy, tampering, hacking and crime look at your products. The speaker puts forth a methodology for developers to examine their products through the eyes of the subversive user. This talk aims to educate developers on the challenges their products face in the world, beyond input validation attacks, and tells real world stories of successes and failures in planning for subversion attempts by users. We live in the world of jailbreaking, easy access to exploit tools and sharpened, creative minds. In the end, we hope this talk helps prepare developers to face the challenges our "Internet of Things" will bring to everyday life.

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L. Brent Huston

So, I'm one of these infosec folks. I break things. I reverse things. I make chaos out of order. I do a lot of stuff that starts with the letter s. :) bio from Twitter

Brent Huston is the Security Evangelist and CEO of MicroSolved, Inc. He spends a LOT of time breaking things, including the tools/techniques and actors of crime. When he is not focusing his energies on chaos & entropy, he sets his mind to the order side of the universe where he helps organizations create better security processes, policies and technologies. He is a well recognized author, surfer, inventor, sailor, trickster, entrepreneur and international speaker. He has spent the last 20+ years dedicated to information security on a global scale. He likes honeypots, obscure vulnerabilities, a touch of code & a wealth of data. He also does a lot of things that start with the letter ā€œsā€. You can learn more about his professional background here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lbhuston & follow him on Twitter (@lbhuston).

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Time 2:15pm3:15pm EST

Date Fri 17th May 2013


Theater 9 - Cloud Track, Marcus Crosswoods Theater

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