Silicon Valley Scala Symposium attendee directory

Duane Moore

I'm in the empire business. bio from Twitter


Dad, developer, DJ. bio from Twitter

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Jason Swartz

Scala developer at Netflix

Looking forward to a great symposium this Friday

Brendan O'Bra

Dude of Software bio from Twitter

Adam Pingel

Language, Data, and Systems. Functional programming enthusiast. bio from Twitter

John Goodsen

Agile Coach, Startup Entrepreneaur and Full Stack Ruby/Scala Developer

I want to learn from the best and the brightest Scala developers around!


Supergluer bio from Twitter

Christopher Severs

Applied Researcher in Search Science at eBay bio from LinkedIn

Aish Fenton

Data Sciencing @ OpenTable bio from Twitter

Adriaan Moors

scalac hacker at Typesafe bio from Twitter

Jack Chi

Get updates from me in 140 characters or less bio from Twitter

Scala Play Framework users & front-end development

Vladimir Orlov

Actively use Scala.

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James Ward

Developer Advocate, Typesafe

Tony Tam

I run engineering for Wordnik bio from Twitter

Norman Graham

I like machine learning, NLP, Scala, straight espresso, and keeping my bike upright. Working as a consulting engineer at 10gen (the mongodb company).

Delip Rao

Building stuff. Interests: Moonshots, Startups, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Scalability, Yoga, Mindfulness. bio from Twitter

Incorporating scala in a search company

Aaron Schlesinger

stackmobber bio from Twitter

Haidar Hadi

Big Data Architect... Bigger Scala enthusiast bio from Twitter

ıɥɔɔnןǝp uɐʎɹ

Principal Engineer @ Verizon. principled PITA FP hard-liner. http://goo.gl/CgJEn1 organizer. ``Classical Music`` audiophile. **Opinions mine bio from Twitter

Michael Slinn

Scala trainer and mentor, author, expert witness bio from LinkedIn

I am presenting a use case of an all-Typesafe stack, including Play, Scala, Slick, Akka, plus Bootstrap, Postgres and Heroku. Lessons learned, with code examples from the production system will be shown. View the live site at http://scalacourses.com

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Vitaly G

Big Data Science with Scala

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Paul Phillips

moved scala to github and hacked at it

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marius a. eriksen

Finagle creator, Keynote speaker

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Alexy Khrabrov

SF Scala Organizer

This is the first native Bay Area Scala conference, and it will be awesome in terms of fun and code!

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