SXSW Interactive 2013 speakers

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M. Ambassador Bruny

Here to help you turn #HashtagsToHandshakes for #ConferenceNetworking and add a bit of style via #TheBowTieFlow. bio from Twitter

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Aaron Emigh

Cofounder & CTO, shopkick

Aaron Emigh is the cofounder and CTO of shopkick, the mobile rewards program for physical–world retail. Shopkick's partners include Target, Macy's, American Eagle, Best Buy, Old Navy, Procter & Gamble, and many other major retailers and brands. He previously served as EVP/GM of Technology at Six Apart (now SAY Media), CTO of Rojo (acquired by Six Apart), Managing Director of Radix Labs, and founder/CEO of CommerceFlow (acquired by eBay).

Aaron's contributions span mobile, social media, e-commerce, security, anti-spam, networking, storage, data compression, multimedia, vision, machine learning, and operating systems. He is an inventor on over eighty issued and pending U.S. patents. In his copious free time, he injures himself playing extreme sports, curates his collection of ancient Greek coins, and plans his next adventure travel outing.

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Aaron Franklin

Franklin Barbecue

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Aaron Gustafson

Principal, Easy Designs LLC

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Aaron Huey

Photographer, National Geographic

Aaron Huey is:

A National Geographic Photographer.
A Harper's Magazine Contributing Editor.
A Stanford d.School Global Agitator.
And a wearer of Gold Shoes.

Huey is widely known for his 3,349 mile, solo walk across America (with his dog Cosmo). The 2002 journey lasted 154 days. There was no media coverage. They walked everystep.

And his 2010 TED.com talk on America's Native American Prisoners of War

His list of publications is very long and fancy.

Huey is also the founder of the d.Ninja Society, a group of silo-busting global agitators born out of Stanford's d.School.

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Aaron Massey

Producer, The Annoying Orange

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Aaron Rubenson

Dir, Amazon Appstore for Android, Amazon

As the business leader for the Amazon Appstore for Android on Kindle Fire and other Android tablets and phones, Aaron is responsible for strategy, business development, developer account management, marketing, and business operations for the store. Kindle Fire and the Amazon Appstore are part of Amazon's rapidly growing array of services for mobile application developers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), GameCircle and Amazon's SDKs for maps, A/B testing, and in-app purchasing for Kindle Fire, Android devices, and PC, Mac, and web games.

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Aaron Smith

VP, Mobile & Tablet Strategy, Team Detroit

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Aaron Thibault

VP of Prod Dev

Making insanity the fun thing to do for two decades.

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Aarthi Ramamurthy

Entrepreneur-In-Residence, True&Co

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Abe Burmeister

Co-Founder, Outlier, Outlier Incorporated

Abe Burmeister in the founder and CEO of Outlier Inc. Launched in 2008, Outlier uses high tech fabrics and innovative cuts to bring traditional menswear into the world of 21st century performance. Prior to Outlier he co-founded One Infinity an award winning animation company and designed interfaces for algorithmic stock trading. Born and raised in NYC he has a BA in Anthropology from Pomona College and MPS from NYU's ITP Program.

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Abhi Nemani

Dir of Strategy, Code for America

Abhi Nemani is the Chief of Staff at Code for America, a national non-profit dedicated to reinventing government for the 21st century. Abhi has led CfA's strategic development and growth, including the development of multiple new programs including the launch of a first-of-its-kind civic startup accelerator and the CfA Peer Network, designed to connect cities to help them work together. Under Abhi's direction, CfA's national outreach and awareness campaigns have been recognized in the New York Times, Mashable, and CNN, and he has been featured as a speaker at SxSW, the World Bank, and various universities and conferences around the world.

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Adam Bain

Pres, Global Revenue, Twitter

Adam oversees Twitter's worldwide monetization efforts and the rollout of its advertising platform. Prior to joining Twitter in 2010, he served as President of the Fox Audience Network (FAN), a role in which he oversaw a division that includes one of the web's largest advertising platforms and a team dedicated to monetizing News Corporation's web properties and hundreds of third-party online publishers.

Previously, Adam served as Fox Interactive Media's original Chief Technology Officer, and helped spearhead acquisitions of MySpace, IGN, Photobucket, and Scout Media. He began his career with News Corp running the technology and product divisions at FOXSports.com, and previously served in several roles within the online news industry, including stints at latimes.com and Cleveland.com. In September 2012, Adam was listed as #1 in “AdWeek's 50” ranking of indispensable industry talent. He serves on the board of the Ad Council and is a member of their Executive Committee. He is @adambain on Twitter.

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Adam Berke

Pres, AdRoll.com

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Adam Cayton-Holland

Comic, N/A

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Adam Curry

Co-Founder, No Agenda

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Adam DuVander

Exec Editor, ProgrammableWeb

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Adam Ellsworth

Co-Founder, Prototank

Adam Ellsworth co-founded 8 Bit Lit, which makes retro video-game themed lamps, and ProtoTank, a startup focused on rapid prototyping and product development.

ProtoTank, which is based at Techshop San Francisco, helps companies and individuals turn their ideas into working prototypes.

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Adam Goldstein

CEO, Hipmunk

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Adam Lyons

Corridor Digital

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Adam Lyons

CEO, Insurance Zebra

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Adam Mordecai

Viral Curator, Upworthy

Adam is a curator at Upworthy, where he gets paid to find stuff on the internet and then tell people he'll maybe make it go viral. Usually he doesn't, but occasionally he gets lucky and helps some non-profit get the attention they deserve.

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Adam Polansky

UX Strategist, Bottle Rocket Apps

For a long time now, Adam Polansky has been closing the gap between ideas and reality at places like Travelocity, Dr Pepper, Radio City Entertainment and Starwood Hotels. A dedicated storyteller he's spending a lot of time working with new and seasoned speakers at the IA Summit, SxSW, CrankyTalk Workshops and Big (D)esign. Along with several articles, he is also a contributing author to User Experience Success Stories – How Organizations Improve by Making Easier-To-Use Software and Websites (Gower Publishing 2006) He is currently a UX Strategist with Bottle Rocket, one of the most successful mobile app agencies in the world.

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Adam Rogers

Articles Editor, Wired

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Adam Schoenfeld

CEO, Simply Measured

Adam is the CEO and Co-Founder of Simply Measured. Adam has led Simply Measured to become a well recognized brand in the analytics market, serving 25% of the top 100 global brands and over 45,000 users. He has been quoted on data-related topics in places like Forbes, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and spoken about measurement and analytics at events around the country. Adam is a two-time entrepreneur, former Analyst and Management Consultant, and a long-time data geek.

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Adam Smith

Co-Creator, Texts from Hillary

In 2012, Adam was the co-creator of the popular Tumblr, Texts from Hillary, For his day job, he is the Communications Director of Public Campaign, a national nonprofit campaign finance reform nonprofit. He oversees all areas of communications, including online advocacy, web development, materials development, and media relations. In addition, he provides strategic advice, support, and on-the-ground assistance to Public Campaign's state partner organizations across the country. Adam is a graduate of Elon University in North Carolina and lives in Washington, D.C.

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Adam Wilson

Founder, Chief Software Architect, Orbotix

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Addie Broyles

Journalist, Austin American-Statesman

Food writer for the Austin American-Statesman, cookbook coordinator for the Austin Food Blogger Alliance

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Adonis Hill

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Adria Richards

Developer Evangelist, SendGrid Inc

Adria Richards works as a Developer Evangelist at SendGrid. She is a self proclaimed geek with a vision to empower the world through technology. Growing up in Minnesota, she moved to San Francisco in 2010 to be immersed in her craft. Adria was interviewed on the Rachel Maddow show for discovering an insecure donation website run by the Senator.

Adria is known for her advocacy of cloud apps, workplace productivity and digital equality. She has been described by others as endlessly enthusiastic, helpful, empowering, encouraging, inspirational, optimistic, deeply technical, loyal, someone who is able to emotionally connect with others, joyful and as someone who has the uncanny ability to draw parallels between technology and real life.

She has delivered training and technology services for Fortune 500 companies and startups including Apple, John Deere, Equinox and Zendesk. Adria's passion for technology has led to a loyal following on her YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/adriarichards) with more than 1.5 million views and opportunities with major brands including Dell, CDW, Motorola, Samsung and T-Mobile. Before this, Adria worked for Geeksquad and American Express as a network support engineer in Minnesota.

She has spoken at major conferences including SXSW, O'Reilly Web 2.0, BlogHer, as well as through media outlets including The Rachel Maddow show, NPR, Inc.com, ComputerWorld and Black Enterprise Magazine.