The Amaz!ng Meeting 2013

Fighting the Fakers - Putting the Quacks, Scams, and Shams on the Ropes

11 14 July 2013

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The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM) is the leading conference focused on scientific skepticism. People from all over the world come TAM each year to share learning, laughs and the skeptical perspective with their friends and a host of distinguished guest speakers, panelists and workshop presenters.

TAM is organized by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). Now in it’s 11th year, TAM began when members of the JREF’s online community had the idea for a small gathering in Ft. Lauderdale. More than 150 attendees came to the first TAM in 2003, and since then, the JREF has sponsored fifteen such such events. In recent years, TAM has grown to attract well over 1,000 attendees.

JREF and its team of volunteers and staff are proud to bring you talks, panels, workshops, and entertainment featuring some of the brightest and most engaging people in science and skepticism. But the best thing about TAM is still the community and camaraderie. You’re in the company of hundreds of other people who prefer the world the way it really is: real.

The theme of this year’s program is “Fighting the Fakers,” focusing on scientific skepticism.

96 speakers

  • James Randi @JamesRandi Founder of the the JREF.
  • George Hrab @GeorgeHrab Master of Ceremonies, musician, podcaster.
  • Susan Jacoby Keynote Speaker; author of The Age of American Unreason, Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism, and many other books.
  • Susan Blackmore Psychologist, author of a number of books including The Meme Machine and Zen and the Art of Consciousness et.al.
  • Russell Blackford @Metamagician Australian philosopher, science fiction writer and critic.
  • Jerry Coyne @Evolutionistrue Professor of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago.
  • Barbara Drescher @badrescher Cognitive psychologist & educator.
  • David Gorski @gorskon Surgeon and blogger at Science Based Medicine.
  • DJGrothe @DJGrothe President of JREF
  • Susan Haack Professor of Philosophy; author of Putting Philosophy to Work.
  • Harriet A. Hall Retired family physician, former Air Force flight surgeon, writer and "The Skep Doc"
  • Sharon Hill @IDoubtIt Geologist and creator of Doubtful News; Virtual Skeptics panelist.
  • Marty Klein @DrMartyKlein Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for 31 years
  • Max Maven @RealMaxMaven Magician
  • Sara E. Mayhew @saramayhew Writer and illustrator
  • Steven Novella @stevennovella Science-Based Medicine blog, Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, JREF Senior Fellow
  • Edwina Rogers @edwinarogers Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America
  • Massimo Pigliucci @mpigliucci Philosopher, author & podcaster; latest book is "Answers for Aristotle"
  • Massimo Polidoro @massimopolidoro Psychologist, co-founder of CICAP
  • Cara Santa Maria @CaraSantaMaria Science journalist; "Talk Nerdy to Me"
  • Joe Schwarcz @joeschwarcz Director of McGill University's Office for Science & Society; Canadian science popularizer.
  • Michael Shermer @michaelshermer Skeptic Magazine; many books including "Why People Believe Weird Things"
  • Karen Stollznow @karenstollznow Linguist; Bad Language columnist; Research Fellow for JREF
  • Jamy Ian Swiss @jamyianswiss Magician; Senior Fellow for JREF

Coverage of The Amaz!ng Meeting 2013

86 sessions

Wednesday 10th July 2013

Pre-Conference Workshops Day 1 from 8am to 11pm Thursday 11th July 2013

Day 2 from 8am to 11:59pm Friday 12th July 2013

Day 3 from 8am to 11:59pm Saturday 13th July 2013

Day 4 from 8am to 9pm Sunday 14th July 2013

158 known attendees

  • Linley (@lone_deranger)
  • Joe Swam
  • Sharyl Godlewski
  • Roy Natian
  • Jay H
  • Don DeNatale
  • Ross Blocher
  • Karen Roman
  • Brian Fields
  • zooterkin
  • Erik Braaten
  • Lei Pinter
  • Chas Stewart
  • Brian Dunning
  • Gold
  • Russ Hazlewood
  • Brian Walker
  • Jennifer Niehus
  • Mark DeCausemacker
  • David Gorski
  • Eddie Scott
  • Jim Lippard
  • Rudy
  • Heather Snow
  • Reed Esau
  • Kyle Sanders
  • Neil Herber
  • James Funston
  • LarianLeQuella
  • Bevin Flynn
  • John
  • Virtual Skeptics
  • Mike Smith
  • Jamie Foley
  • Wendy Hughes
  • Reno Skeptics
  • Shane P. Brady
  • Marco Klein
  • Typing Turtle
  • Travis Roy

36 people tracking this event

  • David Price
  • Brian Engler
  • Nathan Miller
  • Sarah Kaiser
  • new aunts
  • AZAtheist
  • Rea
  • Mark DeMonbreun
  • Mark Patrick White
  • Kip Hartwell
  • Amanda Devaus
  • Brian Hart
  • Kevin Baggett
  • James Lecker
  • Jin-oh Choi
  • Christine Jones
  • RobertoTenore
  • Clair High
  • Tom Hail
  • VFP
  • Stu Brown
  • Jonathan Graber
  • Sara Rogers
  • Nancy Lacey
  • Symone Reisner
  • Dave Blue
  • Michael Rops
  • Jody Boese
  • Pauline Wallin
  • Jay Diamond
  • Anne Orsi
  • William Donohue
  • Luis García Castro
  • Erik Akesson
  • schnookiekins
  • Dave Sanchez

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