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2 3 December 2013

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ThingMonk is an exciting new conference from the team that brought you Monki Gras and The Monktoberfest. We intend to bridge Web Startup Internet of Things communities with their peers in the Industrial Internet/Machine to Machine To Machine space. We will bring elite developers and practitioners together, fostering cross-sector hacks and collaboration.

Day one will be a day of hacking hardware and software for the Internet of Things, kicking off with an introduction to Node.JS development for connected devices. Day two will be be stellar speaker lineup, followed by a splendid dinner and robot cocktail party.

Confirmed speakers include Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, founder of Goodnight Lamp, Matt Webb, founder of BERG, Ian Skerrett, Marketing Director of the Eclipse Foundation and Nick O’Leary, emerging tech specialist at IBM and creator of the NodeRED integration tool, and Rick Bullotta, CTO ThingWorks.

Inauguration is this year’s theme. We’ll examine how different communities can learn from each other to create great products and user experience. Expect attendees from energy and automotive companies, web firms and major tech vendors. 2014 is looking to be the year when I0T kicks into high gear, after years of promise. Cloud, Big Data and the Open API revolution are all driving the Internet of Things - in areas such as Operational Maintenance. The Internet of Things is finally arriving.

ThinkMonk celebrates both hacker culture and industrial design, web and mobile. We’ll look at the “boring” side of logistics, as well as epic stuff like nodecopters. From agile to big data to machine to machine comms, continuous deployment to Big Data developers are currently building the future we’ve dubbed the Internet of Things. The alpha geeks are already making the future, and ThingMonk wants to pull that future into the present. The future is already here; its just unevenly distributed.

ThingMonk itself will run over 1 day. We don’t allow pitches, we don’t sell speaking slots.

14 speakers

  • Andy Piper @andypiper #CloudFoundry Developer Advocate | #MQTT / Eclipse Paho Community Lead
  • MacIntyre Coffee @MacintyreCoffee coffee machines with net-enabled operational analytics
  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch all things Good Night Lamp and IoT
  • Nick O'Leary @knolleary IBM Emerging Technologies geek. All things MQTT and IoT. Arduino tinkerer.
  • Rick Bullotta @RickBullotta entrepreneur, angel investor, technologist, mountain biker,
  • Matt Webb @genmon CEO at @berglondon, makers of Little Printer @bergcloud. Sometimes blogs at @intrcnnctd. Unity. Freedom. Work.
  • Tom Taylor @tomtaylor @newspaperclub, @riglondon and other internet oddities.
  • monkchips @monkchips loudmouth
  • Yodit Stanton @yoditstanton Founder @atomicdatalabs Hacks hardware, software and all things data. Machine Learning, Hadoop, Storm. Organises Women in Data
  • claire rowland @clurr Service design and UX research for connected home technology

Coverage of Thingmonk

3 sessions

Day 1 Monday 2nd December 2013

Day 2 from 9:30am to 10pm Tuesday 3rd December 2013

47 known attendees

  • Josie Messa
  • Human Space
  • Andrew Whitehouse
  • Mark Cheverton
  • Liz Conlan
  • Justin Cormack
  • Brexodus
  • Samir Talwar
  • Chris Swan
  • Thayer Prime
  • Donnie Berkholz
  • Dave Conway-Jones
  • Stuart Williams
  • Laura Cowen
  • Nuno Job
  • Ed Costello
  • Andrew Nicolaou
  • Mazz Mosley
  • Owen Davies
  • Toby Jaffey
  • Alasdair Allan
  • andysc
  • Ben Ward
  • Daniel Beattie
  • Ian Thain
  • Mickaël Rémond
  • Michael Coles
  • Kingsley Davies
  • Chris Leydon
  • Laurie Reynolds
  • Reid Carlberg
  • Paul Cooper
  • Andy Piper
  • MacIntyre Coffee
  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
  • Nick O'Leary
  • Rick Bullotta
  • Matt Webb
  • Tom Taylor
  • Grada Caution

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  • Dan Hilton
  • Gerd Kortuem
  • Nico Macdonald
  • Robin Taylor
  • Riccardo Cambiassi
  • 🦄 Paul Johnston 🦄
  • Kirk Nelson
  • gaye (dadabit) soykok
  • James Clark
  • ✌ Dave Slocombe ✌
  • Ben Firshman
  • Diana Stepner
  • Ted Leung
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  • Richard Dallaway
  • Iskander Smit
  • Adrian McEwen
  • Patrick Tanguay
  • Adrian Silva
  • Muharem Hrnjadovic
  • Steve Purkiss
  • Ian Massingham
  • Nick Taylor
  • Nigel Crawley
  • DavidS
  • Joel Chippindale
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  • Tom Evans
  • Fred Oliveira
  • Jochen Lillich
  • nick richards
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