A Digital and Design Conference on the Coast

25 October 2013

We want to provide a unique event that can inspire not only the current and future generations, but all of those people that can benefit from hearing these ideas. We also want to have a bit of fun too so we will try to keep the event as laid back as possible and naturally there will be sand, sea, ice cream and all sorts of seaside frolics.

Lunch and refreshments are included along with the free business cards and discounted surfing lessons.

6 speakers

13 sessions


26 known attendees

  • Orde Saunders
  • Laura Kishimoto
  • Tim Gale
  • Jeremy Griffin
  • David Roessli
  • Rick Chadwick
  • Simon Willans
  • Andrew Bellamy
  • Stanton
  • Rob Colley
  • Dan Wiggle
  • Ste Allan
  • Louise Radcliffe
  • Craig Sansam
  • Owen Turner
  • Lorraine Wood
  • Sam Jordan
  • Andy Gambles
  • Guy Cocker
  • @hyper_linda
  • Richard Askew
  • Lee B
  • Harry Roberts
  • John Owens
  • Andy Clarke
  • Naomi Atkinson

19 people tracking this event

  • pleasefindattached
  • Chris Wheatley
  • hkops
  • Dan Donald
  • James Young
  • Shaun
  • Russ Brown
  • Rik Kendell
  • Simon Cattermole
  • Tatiana Sidorenkova
  • Mark Van Parijs
  • Ali Springall
  • Aran W
  • João Paulo
  • hamish mckay
  • Matt Edgar
  • Ryan Lewis
  • Berislav Lopac
  • Vitaly Friedman

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