UCD2013 User-Centred Design Conference

The conference offers opportunities for learning, sharing, networking and socialising with like-minded UCD people.

8 9 November 2013

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The idea for this unique two day conference, just like many great ideas, was conceived in a pub when three of the organisers commented on the lack of collaboration of like minded groups, the lack of quality local speakers being seen and the prohibitive cost of attending conferences in general.

That night in the pub we decided to put together UCD2012 as a platform for exploring the many disciplines that have User Centred Design as their foundation and focus on UK based speakers (but not exclusively) who are the best in their field. We wanted to offer real world case studies, provide inspirational presentations and interactive workshops and offer opportunities for learning, sharing, networking and socialising with like-minded people.

In the same way, but in a different pub (they feature a lot in UK society) three of the organisers commited to running UCD2013.

30 speakers

Coverage of UCD2013 User-Centred Design Conference

60 sessions

Day 1 from 9am to 9pm Friday 8th November 2013

30 sessions presented by 30 speakers

Day 2 from 9am to 9pm Saturday 9th November 2013

30 sessions presented by 30 speakers

41 known attendees

  • Stavros Garzonis
  • Rik Williams
  • John Waterworth
  • Windahl
  • Stephen Denning
  • Leon Bovett
  • Anjali Kapil
  • Jonathan Hassell
  • Elvia Vasconcelos
  • Rob
  • Gabo Carabes ☲
  • Calliope
  • Paul-Jervis Heath
  • Scott Weiss
  • Denise Hampson
  • Alberto Barreiro
  • Patrick Neeman
  • Giles Colborne
  • John Knight
  • Anna Dahlström
  • Darci D
  • William Hudson
  • Giorgio Venturi
  • Patrick W. Jordan
  • Chandra Harrison
  • Karl Smith
  • Elizabeth Buie
  • Veronika Jermolina
  • Priya Prakash
  • Robert Fein
  • crourke
  • Jonty Sharples
  • Joannes Vandermeulen
  • Ruth Sims
  • Dimitris Kontaris
  • BeKalerFH
  • Simon Grantham
  • Jeremy (Jezar) Murray-Wakefield
  • Sofia Garcia-Noriega
  • Amy James

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  • (((Ant Miller)))
  • Jiri Jerabek
  • Ian Fenn
  • alberta soranzo
  • Mark Jensen
  • Pascal Raabe
  • John Gibbard
  • Katarzyna Stawarz
  • Michelle Adams
  • Kayleigh Burn
  • Andy Berry
  • Lars Rosengren
  • Danny De Vylder
  • Anna Walters
  • Trev Morris
  • Paola Kathuria
  • Pedro Custódio

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