UX Cambridge 2013

The UX event for the East of England software, mobile and web communities.

4 6 September 2013

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UX Cambridge is a community-driven, practical User Experience conference for software, mobile and web applications.

Connect and learn from your peers and leaders in the industry in a comfortable and exciting space and take away skills you can immediately use in your work.

We're extending the conference from 2 to 3 days in 2013. You can come for 1, 2 or 3 days of the event. Day 1 will consist of 1/2 day workshops. Days 2 & 3 will include keynotes, shorter workshops, tutorials and experience reports.

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30 speakers

  • Stephanie Rieger @stephanierieger UX Cambridge keynote speaker. Designer, writer, book-lover & closet anthropologist. Mostly focussed on the mobile web.
  • James Chudley @chudders UX Director at cxpartners and author of 'Smashing UX Design' and 'Usability of Web Photos'.
  • Paul-Jervis Heath @pauljervisheath Service designer. Digital product designer. Innovation Consultant. Principal at Modern Human. Building an innovation unit at University of Cambridge.
  • Caroline Jarrett Rosenfeld Media @cjforms
  • Lis Hubert @lishubert IA & Strategy Consultant making her way around NYC and beyond!
  • Heather Lynn Rose Jo @HLRJO
  • Tim Wilkinson @Tim_S_Wilkinson Tim Wilkinson is Senior Product Manager in the Biodiversity Informatics team at UNEP-WCMC in Cambridge
  • Rebecca Blakiston @blakistonr Librarian specializing in user experience, content strategy, writing for the web, instructional design, online learning, and campus engagement.

Coverage of UX Cambridge 2013

28 sessions

1/2 Day Workshops Day 1 Wednesday 4th September 2013

Conference Day 2 Day 2 Thursday 5th September 2013

Conference Day 3 Day 3 Friday 6th September 2013

48 known attendees

  • William Owen
  • Jo Packer
  • Marc Holgate
  • Jacqui Davidson
  • Alastair Somerville
  • Marine Barbaroux
  • JonWalmsley
  • Ravi Kumar
  • David Sheff Barker
  • Alla Kholmatova
  • Ryan Haney
  • Roger Attrill
  • Mark Dalgarno
  • Lee McIvor
  • UX Cambridge
  • Cara Hanman
  • Darci D
  • Magda Kielar
  • Stephanie Rieger πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ ΏπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸ΅
  • chudders
  • Paul-Jervis Heath
  • Caroline Jarrett
  • Lis Hubert
  • Heather Lynn Rose Jones O'Neill
  • Tim Wilkinson
  • Rebecca Blakiston
  • Jessica Ivins
  • alberta soranzo
  • Bonny Colville-Hyde
  • Richard Hare
  • Michele Ide-Smith
  • Mike Atherton
  • Andy Parker
  • Adrian Howard
  • Whitney Quesenbery
  • Graham Odds
  • Tyler Tate
  • Neil Turner
  • Paula de Matos
  • Jenny Cham

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  • Jiri Jerabek
  • Stuart Curran
  • gaye (dadabit) soykok
  • Mark Cheverton
  • Ian Fenn
  • Allan C. Lloyds
  • Mark Keating
  • Fee Schmidt-Soltau
  • Imran Ghory
  • R
  • Enzo Cesanelli
  • Pieter Ennes
  • Cambridge Usability
  • Steve O'Connor πŸ™
  • Nico Macdonald
  • Jill Lin
  • Paul Elosegui
  • Andy Park
  • Philip Roberts
  • Finn MacLean
  • karl
  • Vanissa Wanick
  • Laura James
  • Mat
  • Rober GonzΓ‘lez
  • Phil Rodgers
  • Dr Makayla Miranda Lewis
  • biosensornat
  • rdbtn
  • Rach Solo πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί
  • Nannette Kye
  • Stuart Church
  • Daniel Vaughan
  • Boon Chew
  • Charlotte Spencer
  • Oliver Breuer
  • Jonathan Lim
  • Robert Douglas
  • Badih Saikali
  • Darren Menachemson

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