UX Camp CPH 2013

Copenhagen welcomes you to the coolest UX event in Scandinavia

12 13 April 2013

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UX Camp CPH is the place to meet your colleagues across traditional borders! It is the place to exchange both ideas and knowledge.

UX Camp CPH is however not a traditional conference. It is a barCamp. That means that you will contribute actively. The barCamp concept means: No tourists, only participants. We focus on the emerging UX environment in south Scandinavia: Denmark and south Sweden (Oresund). We welcome, however, participants from all countries and regions, so don’t hesitate. The presentation languages will be in English, so everybody has a fair chance to participate.

13 speakers

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33 sessions

Afternoon/evening Day 1 from 4:30pm to 9pm Friday 12th April 2013

Full day UX Camp Day 2 from 8:30am to 6pm Saturday 13th April 2013

ITU (IT University of Copenhagen)

Denmark Denmark / Copenhagen

Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 København S, 2300

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71 known attendees

  • Sujeevan Kuganesan
  • Søren Sigfusson
  • Rasmus Kahl Olsen
  • Thomas Hinné
  • Mostrøm
  • Digital Storylab
  • Jacob Svarre
  • Guannan Li
  • Emil Mourier
  • Constanze Ehrlich
  • M. Fogh Christiansen
  • Jeppe Henckel
  • Martina Gobec
  • Jacob Rasmussen
  • Bo Juni
  • Clive K. Lavery
  • Martin Stjernegaard
  • uxcampcph
  • Ole Gregersen
  • Sebastian Krumhausen
  • Mette Maagensen
  • Michael Lajlev
  • Tatiana Sidorenkova
  • Arild Garde
  • Lisa Risager
  • Peder Rudbeck
  • Matthew Lequick
  • Patrik Svensson
  • Henrik Kok Jørgensen
  • Jakob Stig Nielsen
  • Anja
  • Rikke Strøm
  • Jesper Vestergaard
  • jonas maaløe
  • Tine Vig Jørgensen
  • Jens Christiansen
  • elkegr
  • Caroline A. Bunken
  • Iben Friis Sørensen
  • Caroline Pedersen

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29 people tracking this event

  • olishaw
  • Daniel Srb
  • Nannette Kye
  • Björn Brockmann
  • Roldano De Persio
  • Rasmus Rune Larsen
  • Mark Jensen
  • Michał Kokocinski
  • Sinead Cochrane
  • Anders Møller Nielsen
  • Calliope
  • Anna Dahlström
  • David Udvardy
  • Ditte Madvig Evald
  • Tomáš Koliba
  • Vitaly Friedman
  • Morten Riis
  • Kristoffer Halse
  • Kim Kragh
  • Karen
  • Christian Valentiner
  • Mads Aakjær Lauridsen
  • Heine Virenfeldt Kristensen
  • Dea B. M.
  • Nina Kathrine Rathlev Andersen
  • Charlotte Branth Claussen
  • Mette Gamborg Bruun
  • Petr Douša
  • Pedro Custódio

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