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Ida Aalen

Senior UX designer at @netliferesearch

Paul Elosegui

Digital product maker. PhD robotics. Has-been entrepreneur. Seed investor. Rubbish triathlete & crossfit bio from Twitter

Luke Frake

Co-founder and director @Space__Between | E-commerce specialist and consultant | Technology | Fiancé and Father ♥️ bio from Twitter

Alfred Lettang

Lead web designer at Tarsus Group bio from LinkedIn

Vladimir D

Product Manager ria.ru bio from LinkedIn

silvia calvet

Design Thinking + Human values + Collaboration = Successful Innovation & Better Services and Products & Happy Organizations & Happy People & Better world. bio from Twitter

Magdalena Marek

User Experience Internship at Serco - ExperienceLab bio from LinkedIn

Adrian Long

UX/UI guy, stage lighting tech, gamer, maker. Reader of books, watcher of things and do-er of random stuff. Interlocuter of habitudinally ensconced pachyderms. bio from Twitter


currently a mute spectator. will tweet occasionally for Customercare needs bio from Twitter

Emma Boulton

Director and Audience Research at Mark Boulton Design and Founder and Commissioning Editor of Five Simple Steps. Wife, Mum; Snowboading, climbing and yoga fan. bio from Twitter

Chris Clarke

Senior UX Designer @Guardian. Ex Yahoo! Answers and teacher of UX @GA. Views are spectacular. bio from Twitter

Melissa Robinson

Information Architect at Which? bio from LinkedIn

Roy Abbink

Interface Designer @ Sanoma bio from Twitter

Puck Peijnenburg

Part of the mobile team @ Sanoma | Graduated at NRC on Service Design | Coffee | Infographics, Service Design, Mobile & Publishing | bio from Twitter

Phil Maloney

UX designer and cake lover. Based in the Cotswolds, UK. bio from Twitter

David Wilson

Senior designer at BBC Sport. Views are my own obviously. bio from Twitter

Arusha Elworthy

Digital designer from Brighton. bio from Twitter


I have a brilliant future behind me. bio from Twitter

Neil Dawson

User experience designer at @AnalogFolk bio from Twitter

neil martin

Digital designer and HCI specialist @ connect-group love all things creative and pixel based bio from Twitter

Maaike de Laat

Your friendly neighbourhood designer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Linn Davidsson

Interaction designer at Maverick by Sigma bio from LinkedIn

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Alastair Campbell

A UX and Accessibility bloke. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Ben Sauer

UX Strategist at Clearleft, ex-director at The Escape Committee, startup coach. Occasional speaker + frequent writer, VUI / product strategy bio from Twitter

Fritz von Runte

User Experience Design Senior at On The Beach Ltd bio from LinkedIn

Richard Rutter

Cofounder of Clearleft. Designer of digital things and self-styled web typography evangelist.

Marek Lenik

Head of designy things. Mostly a front-end dev though. Lazy photographer. All that malarkey here doesn't necessarily reflect what my employers think, BTW. bio from Twitter


Information Architect, Interaction Design, Visual Interface Design, Branding, Front End Dev. In-short I am designer. bio from Twitter

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UX London 2013

England England, London

10th12th April 2013

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